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Get Your Own Man! The 10 Side-Chickiest Side Chicks in Hip Hop

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Side chicks are clearly not just a hip-hop thing. They’ve been around since the dawn of man, lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce when their dude’s wife, fiancé or legit girlfriend isn’t looking (hello, Camilla Parker Bowles, Liz Taylor, and Angelina Jolie). But lately, the mistresses of rap — which should be a reality show in and of itself — have been taking center stage. Possibly because they always keep it so entertaining.

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Trey Songz’s “Hail Mary” Includes Stevie J’s Rat Face And Joseline As A Reporter

Girl on girl football is pretty much a man’s fantasy dream come true. Forget about men in helmets and tights, Trey Songz has the ladies in booty shirts sprinting to the end zone in his new video for “Hail Mary.” Funny man Kevin Hart and Trey Songz serve as the unconventional coaches trying to lead their teams to victory through flirtatiously stretching and horseback riding with their players. Like any football game, there’s lots of aggression and women falling atop of one another from tackles. Read more…