Love U Betta

by (@kat_george)

Neon Hitch Will “Love U Betta” In Her Sexy New Video

Neon Hitch’s new video for “Love U Betta” opens with the metaphorical blossoming of a flower, but for us the meaning is twofold — sure there’s an easy likeness to draw with female anatomy which is in keeping with the “Love U Betta” thematics, but there’s also the blooming of Neon Hitch as a performer who is coming into her own at this very moment. Then there’s the sugar/spice dichotomy which has Neon Hitch pulling some incredibly sexy, NSFW moves, on a chair in a bare room (reminiscent of Britney’s “Stronger”), in a dark cemetery and rubbing up against a lifelike mannequin. This video is definitely not for the faint of heart, as it sees Neon Hitch gyrating, bending and pulling some extremely provocative shapes, and dammit, she’s pretty sexy all the while. We’re also bopping along to the infectious clubby beat, and we’re sure we’ll be doing so even as we hum the tune this evening as we head home on the subway. Yeah, OK, we concede — Neon Hitch CAN love you better.

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