by (@kat_george)

There’s Life And Death In Nickelback’s Dramatic “Lullaby” Video

Nickelback‘s video for “Lullaby” off their new album, Here And Now, is a dramatic look at life and death, despair and hope. From the outset, Nickelback’s contribution to the story is minimal, the band positioned in a separate scene, a warehouse lit under glittering flood lights. On a side note, we have to mention the 90s throwback chair sitting by Chad Kroeger — we haven’t seen a guy sitting backwards on a chair since The Backstreet Boys made it all the rage! Jokes aside, the video is a very moving narrative of a birth and death; a baby lives, a mother dies, leaving the child’s father as the sole guardian. We warn you: something might catch in your throat as you watch the young father dealing with both the loss of his partner and this new life. Considering adopting, screaming in frustration as the baby cries, there’s a desperation in the tribulations of this story, but also, and most importantly, there is finally and definitively hope at the end.

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