Lyric Video

by (@emilyexton)

Justin Timberlake’s “Suit & Tie Featuring JAY Z” Lyric Video: Watch It Here!

After a quick, 30-second tease that was tearing up our heart, we’re pleased to give you the real thing. Justin Timberlake‘s official lyric video for “Suit & Tie Featuring JAY Z” dropped this morning, while you were happily living out your own superstar fantasies in dream land. Handsome JT continues to look handsome in the full clip, be in whether he’s slowly driving along the sunny streets of Los Angeles en route to his day job or posing for multiple flashing lights. It’s a way to see how the sausage gets made–the sausage being a talented multi-Grammy winner who needs little help prepping for a photo shoot and shares our passion for playing the air trumpet. There are plenty of fancy, titular objects to ogle as Timberlake goes through the process of getting dressed, the camera slowly scanning every inch of his dapper ensemble, pausing on his wedding ring–hi, Jessica–for better or for worse.

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