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What We Learned From Kendrick Lamar’s GQ Q&A, Hint: He Thinks He Can Go Toe-to-Toe With Nas And Jay-Z

The critical acclaim the Compton newcomer has received from good kid, m.A.A.d city has Kendrick Lamar gassed. He lived up to the hype and delivered one of the year’s best albums, thus his confidence is understandably high. It’s level of highness has him thinking he can spar with Nas and Jay-Z in the studio. GQ’s Mark Anthony Green profiled the 25-year-old rapper and here’s what we learned:

Kendrick’s dad never got back his dominoes.

All the scenarios in GKMC are real, and actually took place in one day.

Sherane is a real person. In case you were wondering, her name’s not Sherane. “Hopefully she’s doing good, you know, but karma is a bitch.” Read more…


Everything That’s Great Isn’t A Classic: Is It Too Soon To Label Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid, M.A.A.D City As Such?

Kendrick Lamar Sells 241K Albums

A classic rap album is born every five years or so. Extraordinary hip-hop bodies of art captured on a disc, though, are birthed more frequently, but the two aren’t always synonymous. Kendrick Lamar has something special. Indisputably. His 2011 digital only release Section.80 kicked off the co-signs of countless hip-hop fans, including his peers. Everyone wanted to see him win. The buzz around the 25-year-old Compton native  grew while he  continued to work on his first major label debut Good Kid, M.A.A.D City. With all the hype, the pressure to deliver was heavy. There’s nothing worse than an album being overhyped then failing to live up to said hype. Read more…