From Savvy To Annoying: The Complete Guide To The 11-Month Marketing Campaign For Lady Gaga’s Born This Way

Welcome to the future: “Electric Chapel,” another new song from Lady Gaga‘s impending Born This Way is available?but only if you play the Gaga-themed FarmVille spinoff, GagaVille (or “find” it from someone who has). Meanwhile, if you play the word “CHAPEL” in a game of Words with Friends, you will be entered to win a Lady Gaga sweepstakes. It’s all part of a bizarre promotion that teams Gaga, Clear Channel, and Facebook- and smartphone-game developers Zynga:

Players who execute Gaga-themed quests in GagaVille will unlock the iHeartRadio player, enabling them to stream songs from ?Born This Way? exclusively in FarmVille, which they will hear before anyone else.

How did we get to this point? Born This Way will be released in five days, but it feels like we’ve been waiting FOREVER for it, thanks mainly to the relentless Gaga hype machine. Of course, some of the marketing of this project has been straightforward, or typical, or even accidental. But some of it has been completely bizarre! Here’s our look back at the ups and downs of the Born This Way promotional cycle —which kicked off way back on June 21, 2010— and our levels of annoyance with her promotional tactics, measured by our new creation, the Gaga-Mometer™.

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