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Battle of the Summer Jams: OneRepublic vs. Maroon 5


By Christopher Rosa 

It’s Friday, and you know what that means? Another rock-tastic round of Battle of the Summer Jamswhere two hit songs duel it out to see which one you, frankly, jam out to the most. Last week’s round saw Nico & Vinz’s silky-smooth “Am I Wrong” crush Magic!’s “Rude” with a 70-30 split. We guess no one’s finding anything wrong with their hit (alright, no more corny jokes).

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by (@sllambe)

Battle Of The Summer Jams: Bruno Mars Vs Maroon 5


Welcome back to the Battle Of The Summer Jams. We are in our last week of original battles before we group the winners and losers in battle royale of music. It looks like Jay Z lost out to Kanye in last week’s battle. (Honestly, Jay got destroyed with 77 percent of the vote going to Mr. West.) So he will be joining the losers of the summer. But who will join him this week? Will it be Bruno Mars who has burned up the charts with “Treasure”?  Or will it be Maroon 5‘s late breaking summer tune, “Love Somebody”?

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