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Destiny’s Child To Release New Material This Fall While We Cross Our Fingers For Reunion Tour

The ladies of Destiny’s Child have come a long way from the infectious “Bills, Bills, Bills” girl anthem of 1999. As one of the biggest girl groups of the 90s, we’ve long yearned for a DC reunion tour. That wish may not come true just yet, but we may be one step closer if Matthew Knowles has anything to do with it. Father of Beyonce and Solange, and powerhouse behind the success of DC and Beyonce, Matthew Knowles told HuffingtonPost unreleased music from DC will be released in November. “We still have our joint venture with Sony and in November we’re putting out two Destiny’s Child catalog records with new material,” said Knowles. The albums will include old material along with unreleased material, according to Knowles. Read more…


Beyonc?’s Father Claims He Was Falsely Accused Of Theft

Either Beyonc?‘s father Mathew Knowles is getting sandbagged by Live Nation, or else he just made the most colossal publicity mistake of his life. According to legal papers obtained by TMZ, Live Nation claimed to Beyonc? that her father had, as her manager, stolen money from the artist. An audit conducted by Beyonc?’s legal team corroborated Live Nation’s claim. This resulted in Knowles’s dismissal (replaced by a Live Nation employee!) just prior to a potentially profitable tour. Knowles’s legal filing requests depositions from Live Nation employees to determine how the company concluded that he was claiming an unlawful share of Beyonc?’s income.

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Papa Knowles: SHUT UP.

beyonce_daddy.jpg Beyonc?‘s meddling father, Matthew Knowles, is springing to his daughter’s defense over a few disparaging words. It seems that he took exception to the New York Daily News‘ review of his daughter’s show that took place this weekend at Madison Square Garden — the News‘ Jim Farber said the show left him feeling “pummeled” and compared Bey to a “bionic woman.” Though Farber’s words are hardly scathing, Matthew still found it necessary to respond, reportedly shooting off an email to the News that read:

After over 60 dates and 20 countries, only you have chosen to write a negative review!

First of all, he’s wrong: the review that ran in the New York Post was much more savage, saying Bey “screeched,” calling her a “snooze” during the ballads and suggesting that lip-synching would have been a preferable alternative to her “cringe-inducing” rendition of “Ring the Alarm.” Harsh! But second of all: SHUT UP, MATTHEW KNOWLES. For the most part, his story checks out — the reviews of The Beyonc? Experience have been, by and large, glowing. So a few people didn’t think so: who cares? His daughter’s been ruling pop music for almost a decade — does he really need a reminder that not everyone’s going to enjoy her work? And really, how bad can you feel for someone who could dry their tears with crisp $100 dollar bills and think nothing of it? [New York Daily News / Image credit: Getty]

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