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Who’s Endorsing Who? Musicians On #TEAMOBAMA Vs. #TEAMROMNEY

Tomorrow’s the big day and after a loooooong year of campaigning, the 2012 Presidential race will be decided. You’ve by now heard a plethora of musicians telling you to get out there and vote, but quite a few of them are also telling you who to vote for. Barack Obama has been a longtime favorite for many performers, but it has yet to be decide (See: tomorrow) whether or not that actually matters. All we know is that there are a ton of artists putting their chips (and their money, time, etc.) in the political playing field.

With endorsements happening left and right, we’ve concocted this megalist of musicians and who they’ve promised their vote to. Will it help you choose your side? Who knows. Will it at least put to bed the rumors that Ludacris has joined the Green Party? (There are no rumors.)

We’re all just red, white & blue…

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Nicki Minaj Is Probably Not Registered To Vote, Is Getting Death Threats Anyways

When Nicki Minaj spit “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/ You lazy b*****es are f***ing up the economy” on Lil Wayne‘s “Mercy” flip, the Internets’ ears perked up and and blogs — from rap savvy to usually otherwise — got to wondering if she might mean it. Probably she didn’t, because that’s not generally Nicki’s style. Most of what Nicki says isn’t literal, and there’s no reason this line should be any more straightly than the one about chilling with zombies on the beach that follows. Rather, she probably meant it hypothetically; to imply that she’s rich, and probably richer than you, sort of like very wealthy Mitt Romney. Or, as Spin‘s Brandon Soderberg suggests, “what’s missing in that line is the word ‘like,'” and Nicki means that she is “like a Republican voting for Mitt Romney.”

All this, though, has done little to quiet any newly earned detractors, who, if this round-up is to be believed, are flaring on Twitter. One went ahead and called her a “stupid…. a**… talent having a** …..b****,” while another straight up asked that “somebody please kill nicki minaj.” Yikes! Read more…


Nicki Minaj Is A Republican Voting For Mitt Romney Because Of ‘You Lazy B*tches’

Nicki Minaj Voting For Mitt Romney

Lil Wayne‘s long awaited Dedication 4 finally dropped on Labor Day. And in the world of immediacy (thanks to the ‘net), his female megastar protégé was quickly all the buzz shortly after the mixtape dropped. Nicki Minaj and Wayne teamed up for their version of “Mercy” for the fourth installment of the Dedication series. Nicki opens the song similarly to Big Sean‘s verse on the original. She switches up the speed and tone of her verse a few times, but rips it nonetheless. What catches everyone’s attention is her declaring, “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney/You lazy b— is f—— up the economy.” In typical Minaj fashion you must expect the unexpected. Read more…