Mrs. Carter World Tour

by (@sllambe)

13 Incredible Moments From Beyonce’s Mrs. Carter Show World Tour

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While Beyonce failed to give us that fifth album fans have been dying for, she did make good on the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. If there was one thing that kept us talking about Beyonce, it was the tour itself. Thanks to paparazzi, phone-addicted fans and social media, we were able to keep up on every moment of the tour.

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by (@emilyexton)

Beyoncé, Or “Mrs. Carter,” Wisely Uses Her Super Bowl Spotlight To Make A Big Announcement

Beyoncé‘s halftime performance, which either further enraged existing haters or recommitted stans to a lifetime of worshiping her every move, was just the beginning of Sunday night’s bevy of Bey-formation. In addition to allowing Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams a few (micromanaged and most definitely timed) moments in the spotlight in the form of a faux DC3 reunion and potentially flashing signs of the Illuminati, Beyoncé made way for a Queen of Versailles-inspired royal announcement that should tickle those who enjoy group therapy sessions to the tune of “Halo.” Call it stealing some of the thunder from the Harbaugh brothers’ sibling rivalry or Ray Lewis in his final game, but Queen B was merely giving her audience what they wanted. Because whether or not she was responsible for the Superdome’s 34-minute loss of power, she had enough of a hold over the crowd to reveal a little bit about her 2013 travel plans. And they’re big.

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