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by (@kat_george)

21 Sells 5 Million Copies In 2011: Has Adele Single Handedly Reinvigorated The Record Industry?

2011 was undoubtedly the year of Adele, with the young singer/songwriter proving that she is, indeed, boss of everything. She was on everyone’s “best of 2011″ list from industry observers, to fans, to VH1’s own staff; she cleaned up in Grammy nominations and sold the most digital copies of any song ever with “Rolling In The Deep.” Now Reuters has reported that Adele’s 21 is not only the top selling album of 2011, but it’s the top selling album since 2004! 21 has sold 5 million copies this year, and is the first album to reach over 5 million in sales since Usher‘s Confessions moved 7.9 million copies in 2004. According to Reuters, Adele’s amazing feat has coincided with a three per cent spike in music sales since 2010, which has us thinking that maybe Adele’s awesome success is partly responsible for stimulating the music consumer market. Given the advent of music sharing devices like Spotify, it’s a wonder that people are buying music at all, given the relative ease and inexpensive nature of sharing, and that there are now perfectly legal ways in which to file share. Reuters speculates that agressive sales tactics by artists and retailers has helped move records this year, but we’ve got an inkling that some of the merit can be attributed to the greatness of this year’s music releases, acting as a testament that fans will still spend hard earned dollars on their favorite artists and on high quality music.

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