So Berry Sorry


Curtis Taylor Jr., the money-grubbing, payola-making, two-timing record exec played by Jamie Foxx in Dreamgirls, is a work of fiction – although the character is clearly based on the life of legendary Motown founder Berry Gordy. Dreamworks and Paramount, the companies behind the film, made strides toward separating fact from fiction yesterday by taking out a full-page ad in Variety and The Hollywood Reporter. The ad reads, ?For any confusion that has resulted from our fictional work, we apologize to Mr. Gordy and all of the incredible people who were a part of that great legacy. It is vital that the public understand that the real Motown story has yet to be told.? Although Gordy has remained silent on the issue, some Motown stars have spoken out; Martha Reeves told The Detroit News, ?That?s not my Berry Gordy,? while Smokey Robinson told Access Hollywood that the producers of Dreamgirls ?owe Berry Gordy a public apology.? The public apology comes during the run-up to the Academy Awards on Sunday – surely no coincidence. For more on Gordy, click here.


Yo-Yo Rehabbing


Without so much as the pluck of an eyebrow (as far as we can tell), Britney Spears has once again entered rehab, according to TMZ. This third try at rehabilitation, set to last 30 to 45 days, has effectively canceled the emergency custody hearing her estranged husband Kevin Federline requested yesterday. Sneaky, although can you blame her? Reentering rehab seems a small price to pay from keeping freaking Kevin Federline from having permanent custody of your kids (he’s had them since last week, it’s reported). Then again, walking naked through a rose garden in a rainstorm of rubbing alcohol would be a small price to pay from keeping freaking Kevin Federline from having full custody of your kids, you know?



Lead Singers: Revolving Doors?


Chris Cornell will be yelping and shrieking on his own for a while. Audioslave?s front man has slipped out the back door, leaving his band mates to fend for themselves ? which they?ll be doing quite nicely as they reunite with <i>their</i> old front man Zack de la Rocha in a Rage Against the Machine show at the Coachella Festival in April. In parallel news we?re still reeling from the David Lee Roth/Van Halen confluence. Who?d a thunk that the failed talk show host would ever make amends with his hard rock buds? Maybe this means that Sammy Hagar could audition for Audioslave? Or maybe not. Something tells me the Cabo Wabo routine wouldn?t sit right with Tom Morello?s leftist leanings.

[Watch Cornell do his solo thing.]

[See pics of this year?s Coachella artists.]


Parlor Drapes Bang on Guitars, Ride Segways


After last summer?s treadmill tricks took OK Go from skilled but secondary power-pop maestros to bonafide InterWeb geniuses, you knew that the follow-up video had to be conceptual coup part deux. So when you see the guys wrapped in ballroom burkas in the ?Do Want You Want? clip, just consider it a job well done. It?d be interesting to find out how many times they fell off those motorized two-wheelers, and no, there?s no confirmation that the band has changed its name to the Paisley Mummies. In YOUR face, Slipknot – costume rock is back.


TV Today, Tour Tomorrow


C’mon. You just knew the fractious members of the Police weren?t reuniting so they could merely put a jazz-tinted spin on ?Roxanne? at the Grammys bash last night. There had to be some kind of commerce scheduled for the warmer months. Well, put on the green light: Billboard has announced that Sting will trade the lute for the loot in an extended string of live shows with the trio; the band is slated for a headlining gig at Bonnaroo, and following in the footsteps of Bruce Springsteen, will set up shop in Boston?s Fenway Park. Fans will want to prep by picking up that ?Walking On the Moon? ring-tone here.