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Happy Birthday James Hetfield Of Metallica! See His Facial Hair Evolution!

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Today we celebrate the 51st birthday of one of the greatest heavy metal musicians of all time, James Hetfield of Metallica. From the legendary right hand that has fired up some of the most memorable metal riffs of all time, to his manly yet emotional vocals to his songwriting which has struck a nerve in metal fans for over 30 years, he contribution to the genre is as weighty as his guitar sound. And though metal heads would be embarrassed to discuss such things, he is also a bit of a fashion icon. Read more…

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Happy Birthday To Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi! Check Out The Evolution Of His Facial Hair!

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Today, February 19th, marks the 66th birthday of one of the architects of heavy metal, the master of riffs, legendary Black Sabbath and Heaven and Hell guitarist Tony Iommi. Without the sound itself of his Gibson SG plugged into a wall of amp stacks the genre as we know it might very well not even exist. As well as being a sonic pioneer in the world of ultra-heavy evil riffing, Mr. Iommi is also a trendsetter in the world of rock facial hair. Though he’s gone clean shaven from time to time, he is best known for sporting any number of variations on the mustache.  Whether it’s the early peach-fuzz  of the Sabbath’s early days,  the manly handlebar ‘stache of the band’s Golden Years, or his recent forays into goatees, Mr. Iommi’s facial hair is a major part of his image and one of the many things that makes him such a badass. So in honor of his birthday let’s stroll down memory lane and take a gander of the facial hair evolution of Tony Iommi.


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Last Lap: Die Hard Rihanna Fan Gives Other Die Hard Fans A Sneak Peek At Her New Album Art

Die Hard Rihanna Fans Shows Off Album Art For Talk That Talk
Rihanna‘s new album, Talk That Talk, will be officially released on Monday November 21, but if you can’t wait, you can watch this die hard RiRi fan showing off the art work (read: racy pictures of Rihanna posing provocatively) that comes with the deluxe album. [Idolator]

NME Imagines What Pop Stars Would Look Like If They Joined In For “Movember”
Ever wanted to know what Lady Gaga would look like with a dirty old mo’ on face? Wonder no more, gentle reader — NME have used their Photoshop skills on your favorite stars to line their upper lips with fuzz. [NME]

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