Hard Rock Turns 40 with a Massive Celebration in London’s Hyde Park

The Hard Rock brand, which encompasses restaurants, hotels and casinos, turned 40 years young over the weekend. In honor of the momentous anniversary, tens of thousands of fans turned out for the three-day Hard Rock Calling festival, held in London’s famed Hyde Park. In addition to headliners Rod Stewart, Bon Jovi and The Killers (the latter of which was witnessed by none other than Prince Harry), VH1 faves Train and You Oughta Know artist Lissie also appeared on the bill. Our VH1 news team was on hand and got some backstage time with some of the artists on the bill; take a gander above to get Train, Lissie and Pete Wentz’s thoughts on the occasion.


50 Cent Prot?g? Hot Rod Wastes No Time Releasing His Latest Track, “Osama bin Laden Is Dead”

Sorry, Lil B! A decidedly less “based” rapper has copped your style and beaten you to the news-cycle-rap punch. Hot Rod, a 2006 50 Cent signee who was swiftly dropped by Interscope and then, in late 2010, re-signed by 50 to G-Unit’s new pop, dance and R&B subsidiary G-Note, rushed to the studio last night to record, master, and premiere the singular “Osama bin Laden Is Dead.”

The sidechained Eurotrance and party-lyrics (“Osama was killed tonight, so everybody come and have a good time!”) of Hot Rod’s would-be anthem are not dissimilar to his January single “Dance with Me.” But lyrically, “Osama bin Laden Is Dead” is deeply indebted to O Music Awards performer (and The Pack member) Lil B, who has spent the last two years creating a cottage industry (and a devoted fanbase?one fan even snuck behind Geraldo Rivera during Fox News’s coverage of bin Laden’s death and shouted the common fan tribute “THANK YOU BASED GOD”) by rapping about anything and everything, including twitter trending topics and other pop stars like Charlie Sheen and Justin Bieber:

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Chrisette Michele: Get News About Her Chart-Topping Breakup Disc

Guess bad news is good news. Chrisette Michele recently went to the top of the charts with her new disc, Epiphany, even though the CD’s songs are all about a particularly heart wrenching breakup. Stylistically, the young soul singer is ultra impressive, bringing a variety of approaches to the tunes on the record. Some are sweaty, some are wispy, a couple feel like a kick in the gut. Without question, she sees R&B from a number of perspectives.

We’ve been documenting Chrisette’s gorgeous rasp and passionate performances for awhile now. Check out the way she recently glided through our “SoulStage” presentation, and watch her get intimate with her tunes during one of our Unplugged shows.



Anvil Rules: An Interview With the Metal Heroes

The buzz around Anvil! The Story of Anvil gets louder by the week – seems hardcore metal heads and lots of other rockers have fallen for the story of the Canadian band who just wouldn’t say die. The film hits theaters on April 10th, and VH1 News caught up with the guys as they their did their thing down at the South by Southwest festival a couple of weeks ago.? Check the above clip for an interview.

Watch the movie trailer and three scenes from the film

Check out Anvil’s official movie site

Watch Anvil’s “My Playlist” of favorite music videos by other bands

Get info on the film screenings and Anvil performances? on Anvils VH1 artist page

Watch a great interview with Motorhead’s Lemmy in a preview to this week’s “That Metal Show”


Pearl Jam Hits Rock Band, Celebrates Ten

The thud, the angst, the roar – In 1991 Pearl Jam‘s Ten swept across the country, cementing the notion of Seattle grunge as one of rock’s most powerful sounds. Almost two decades later, it’s still a fave for those who like it loud (which is plenty – 12 million people have bought it so far).? So no wonder our pals at? RockBand are making a big deal of the arrival of Ten‘s tracks. Now all the rumpus room rockers can wail their way through everything from “Jeremy” to “Even Flow.”

We’re celebrating, too. You can hear a handful of various remixes and obscurities that are found on the deluxe version of the Ten reissue here on the site. We’re streaming them through Tuesday, April 31.? Throughout the week, VH1 Classic is airing a video profile entitled “Pearl Jam Ten Revisited” that features an uncensored version of the “Jeremy” video.

The real hardcore Rock Band zealots can challenge Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron in a Game With Fame battle this Friday, March 27.

Watch Pearl Jam videos and interviews in Box Set

Watch Pearl Jam’s “VH1 Storytellers” performance


Styx & REO Speedwagon Connect For Summer Tour

Want to talk commitment? Want to talk dedication? Lots of bands can tour together, but only two make a point to connect with each other to write a song for the occasion. Styx and REO Speedwagon are criss-crossing the country this summer; the tour dates were recently announced this week. When they take the stage, they’ll be playing a new tune written by Kevin Cronin and Tommy Shaw, “Can’t Stop Rockin’.” The guys recently recorded it, and it will be available for download soon.

The shows are presented by VH1 Classic and Rock Band. Perhaps the best part about ‘em is their cost. The tickets are being priced in a fan-friendly way, which the guys are deeming a “rock ‘n’ roll stimulus package.” Prices in some markets are as low as $13.50. “Both bands have always tried to keep our ticket prices low so that none of our fans get left out.” says Tommy Shaw.? “?It?s been nine years since the Arch Allies tour and it just seemed like the right time to team up with our friends in REO and hit the road again.?

Make the jump for a full listing of tour dates. 38 Special is also on the bill.

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