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Tuned In: See Emeli Sandé’s Olympic Opening Ceremony Performance That NBC Cut

Our You Oughta Know artist Emeli Sandé performed the “calming and reflective pause” at Friday’s Olympic Opening Ceremony in London, before the parade of nations and the storm of sporting that has followed. One of only a handful of performers, and the only female vocalist, Sandé stood as a vision in a blue floor-length dress in the center of it all. She sang a moving rendition of “Abide With Me,” a heavy hymn written her fellow Scotsman Henry Francis Lyte in 1847, while a troupe of dancers performed a dance choreographed and led by Akram Khan below her. The moment is thought to have been a tribute to the victims of the 7/7 terror attacks in London, and it appropriately pulsed with emotion. If you were watching the ceremony on NBC, though, you missed it, as it was cut from the broadcast in order to make time for Ryan Seacrest’s Michael Phelps interview (or, maybe to keep things American). Watch the quietly stunning performance above, and listen to Sandé’s “Abide With Me” below. Read more…

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The Olympics Closing Ceremony Will Be An “Elegant Mashup Of British Music” From Elgar To Adele

Hype is building around the 2012 London Olympics, especially since it was reported that iconic Brit Pop band Blur will be headlining a concert in Hyde Park to celebrate the closing ceremony. Now details about the actual closing ceremony are beginning to circulate, and excitement and speculation abound as the theme is revealed: “A Symphony Of British Music”. Stephen Daldry, executive producer of the Olympic and Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies says, “It is, in a sense, the soundtrack of our lives,” while Kim Gavin, the ceremony’s artistic director says it will be an “elegant mashup of British music.”

Music director David Arnold says, the “mashup” will include everyone from “Elgar to Adele,” but does not confirm whether or not the Grammy award winning star will actually perform (although we’d put money on yes). Other rumored performers include The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and the Spice Girls, and for a country with such a rich pop history and a decidedly artful taste for celebration, we can’t wait to see what the closing ceremony will reveal.

The 2012 London Olympics begin on July 27th, and close on August 12th.

Olympics Closing Ceremony to Be a ‘Symphony’ of All Things British [Billboard]

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