Voting Opens Tomorrow For The 2011 O Music Awards


Despite what you might have read, the future of music and technology is not in the cloud or on some device or through whatever new gadget tech companies distribute from on high in an attempt to capture the tech-blogger zeitgeist. No, the future of music and technology is with you, the fans, and with the artists, which is why the O Music Awards exist. The OMAs, which will descend on a currently undisclosed location on April 28, are a celebration of the ways in which music exists, spreads, and is shared and remixed (aurally and visually) in ways that necessarily require online technology. The twenty categories of the OMAs recognize those who have achieved greatness in music via the blends of media that the internet enables and encourages.

Of course, such an award could only derive legitimacy from its participants, which is why all the winners will be determined by your online votes. The nominees in all categories will be open for voting beginning tomorrow, April 6, and write-in candidates are highly encouraged. Your voices will determine the winners. Voting closes as early as April 17 for some of the categories, so hurry up and let your voice be heard!