One Woman Army


Ciara Sheds Real Tears In “Sorry”

Exhale. Breathe. And even dance. Ciara‘s back with the R&B/hip-hop enthused “Sorry” from her forthcoming One Woman Army. Cici’s hardcore fans have long awaited for a song like “Sorry” from her–that mix between “Promise” and “And I.” Directed by Christopher Sims the visual to the single is as authentic as the song. Simple concept, yet relatable. Ciara’s still in love and wants him to know, “All you had to do is say that I’m sorry.” Emotions from confusion to sadness  are expressed by both the male model (who is fine!) and Ciara. Any video of Ciara’s wouldn’t be complete without dance moves from one of the best trained dancers in music. The choreographed steps may not make you press replay like the ones in “Ride” or “Promise” so you could learn all the dance moves, but the infectious song certainly will. Read more…