by (@kat_george)

Is Lady Gaga Going To Take A Vow Of Silence After Her Oprah Interview?

Are y’all ready for this? Oprah has infiltrated the house of Gaga — and will be the first member of the media to interview Lady Gaga and the real Mother Monster (Gaga’s mom) in their family home. The trailer for the episode is compelling, with Mrs. Germanotta describing how she and her husband thought their daughter had a “screw loose”, and according to Oprah’s website, “Gaga’s mother, Cynthia, breaks her silence on what it’s like to be the mom of the world’s most famous pop star”. Watching the video it’s easy to see the closeness between Gaga and Mother Gaga, as together with Oprah they laugh and banter naturally.

But the most intriguing part of the trailer is when Gaga, very earnestly, tells Oprah that she’ll be keeping quiet following the interview. Making emphatic hand gestures, Gaga says, “Other than this interview, Oprah, I do not intend to speak to anyone for a very long time.” We’re guessing she means the media and interview type scenarios, but what if it’s more general than that? What if Lady Gaga intends not to speak to anyone at all? HOW WILL SHE MAKE PHONE CALLS? Jokes aside, these are big words coming from the master of spectacle — Gaga is known for being vocal not only regarding her own art, but in social issues including bullying and LGBT issues. Who will speak for those who can’t speak for themselves, if Gaga wont? We’re hoping that the statement is cryptic, and that while she might not be speaking, she’ll be singing, and communicating through song and dance!

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