Osama Bin Laden


50 Cent Prot?g? Hot Rod Wastes No Time Releasing His Latest Track, “Osama bin Laden Is Dead”

Sorry, Lil B! A decidedly less “based” rapper has copped your style and beaten you to the news-cycle-rap punch. Hot Rod, a 2006 50 Cent signee who was swiftly dropped by Interscope and then, in late 2010, re-signed by 50 to G-Unit’s new pop, dance and R&B subsidiary G-Note, rushed to the studio last night to record, master, and premiere the singular “Osama bin Laden Is Dead.”

The sidechained Eurotrance and party-lyrics (“Osama was killed tonight, so everybody come and have a good time!”) of Hot Rod’s would-be anthem are not dissimilar to his January single “Dance with Me.” But lyrically, “Osama bin Laden Is Dead” is deeply indebted to O Music Awards performer (and The Pack member) Lil B, who has spent the last two years creating a cottage industry (and a devoted fanbase?one fan even snuck behind Geraldo Rivera during Fox News’s coverage of bin Laden’s death and shouted the common fan tribute “THANK YOU BASED GOD”) by rapping about anything and everything, including twitter trending topics and other pop stars like Charlie Sheen and Justin Bieber:

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News Of Bin Laden’s Death Greeted With “Party in the USA”

Osama bin Laden has been killed, and some Americans want to celebrate en masse without leaving their houses. Where do they go?

To the YouTube video of “Party in the USA” by Miley Cyrus, it turns out. In the wake of the news, the song has become the de facto celebratory anthem, its comments section playing host to hundreds of cheers, dozens of jokes and pranks, and the occasional conspiracy theory. Gathered crowds across the nation may have been singing Steam’s “Na Na Hey Hey (Kiss Him Goodbye),” but online, they were singing a different tune.

So if there was any doubt, even after a singalong after an Atlanta hardcore show went viral, that Cyrus had captured the zeitgeist, it’s probably safe to put those doubts to rest.

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