Paris Hilton

by (@katespencer)

Paris Hilton Pays Up for Lying

paris082307.jpgIt’s always sweet joy when Paris Hilton gets nailed for her trouble making. Remember those three wonderful weeks in June? This time our heiress extraordinaire has reportedly forked over more than $2 million dollars to settle out of court with Zeta Graff. You may remember Graff as the ex-girlfriend of Paris’ ex-fianc? Paris Latstis (confused yet?) who sued Hilton for defamation. Her charge? That Paris leaked a bunch of lies to Page Six, which wrote that Graff ripped a necklace of Hilton’s neck and was then thrown out of a London night club as the song” Copacabana” played in the background. Sounds like Graff won this round! Nice work random rich lady. Too bad the Parises parted ways eons ago, making it all the more fun to say “that’s hot” to Paris losing a nice chunk of change for spreading such a lame rumor. [NY Post. Image: Getty]

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