People’s Choice Awards

by (@emilyexton)

The Wanted Reminds Us That Winning Awards Is Cool, Sings “Afternoon Delight” To Celebrate People’s Choice Award

The Wanted Win Breakout Act at the People's Choice Awards
Now that the confetti has been swept up from Times Square, awards season is in full swing with Hollywood starlets walking on red surfaces, talking roles of a lifetime and impressive facial hair. It’s a period when theorizing about Adele’s potential Oscar performance takes top priority in our minds and betting seems like a good idea for even the least athletically inclined. One of the year’s first events, the People’s Choice Awards, was held in Los Angeles on Wednesday night, celebrating the power given to devoted entertainment followers with a bevy of CBS stars and screaming fangirls.

But should you think the famous and fabulous grow tired of getting dolled up for yet another event, the guys in the Wanted remind us of just how cool it is to win stuff, as well as how humbling it is to be liked by a room full of screaming teenagers.

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