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Posted: In Vino Veritas With Hanson

Ike Hanson At The Vineyards

As you know, Hanson is our VH1 Posted artist for the month of April. This missive just arrived in our inbox a few moments ago, straight from Taylor’s mobile device. We’ll let him take it from here. Taylor, the floor is yours…

While running all over the country spreading the word about the new record/single “Give A Little” (Ed. Note — Watch the video!), we made a not so painful stop in Napa Valley for the Live in The Vineyard event, which included other artists like Marc Broussard, Lenny Kravitz and Michael Franti (plus our friend Michelle Branch who stopped in for a hang and some vino). I caught a few random pics during the daylight hours and our stop at the Monticello Winery … Ike might have bought 12 bottles. It was a long night.

Continue along for more snaps of this excursion, sent to us direct from the Hanson fellas!

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Hanson Posted: From Conan to Denver In a Day

We just received the following missive from Hanson fellas, our Posted artist for the month of April. Rather than translating their words, we figured it would be more fun if we just turned the blog over to them for this one post. The floor’s all yours, gents!

Last Thursday was a pretty nuts day, which started off with an early call time at Conan to record his show that evening, and ended with a chartered flight to get to Denver in time for a radio show we had planned for some time with KALC. Conan was a blast. We love being on the show. We snapped a few pics during the rehearsals as everyone was getting their bearings. It’s always fun to play with a great horn section, even better if you have somebody named La Bamba in your section.

In order to pack in a big TV show in one city and a radio show performance in another city the same day you pretty much have no choice but to charter a flight; lucky for us, we were in Burbank recording Conan which put us close to the regional private airport of choice. Here’s a few pics from the trip inside the mini-plane which, thankfully, got us to Denver just in the nick of time. There’s also some corresponding vids from this little jaunt that we hope you enjoy.

Taylor,Isaac and Zac

We’ve got the video of Hanson performing “Give A Little” from the Conan show last week for you below, as well as all the pictures that the guys sent along.

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Follow Hanson All Month Long With VH1’s Posted


We hope you enjoyed spending last month with March’s VH1 Posted artist Grace Potter and the Nocturnals as much as we (and they) did, but after a whirlwind month, notably including a killer You Oughta Know Live set featuring their cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “White Rabbit,” the band has returned home to Vermont.

But time marches on! April’s VH1 Posted artist is none other than Hanson! If you’re still under the misapprehension that the brothers are a boy-band one-hit wonder, here’s a corrective-in-brief: After the massive success of 1997’s triple-Grammy-nominated Middle of Nowhere, the band toured incessantly, reissued their indie back catalog, and then recorded follow-up This Time Around. But personnel changes at Mercury during its late-1998 absorption into Island Def Jam left the band without any label support for that nonetheless critically acclaimed 2000 record. Four years years of negotiation (documented in the 2005 film Strong Enough to Break) later, Hanson and Island parted ways, and the band has continued to release modestly successful, well-reviewed records on their own label, 3CG Records?most recently 2010’s Shout It Out, featuring “Thinking ‘Bout Something” and “Give a Little”:

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VH1 Posted: Cee Lo Is Now Taking Your Requests

February’s Posted artist of the month is Cee Lo Green and, much like his Posted predecessors like Adam Lambert and Keri Hilson before him, he wants to hear from you. However, this time around, there’s a twist: Cee Lo doesn’t just want you to ask him questions (although you’re more than welcome to do just that in the comments below), he’s actively taking requests to do, well, anything! As he himself puts it, “If there’s anything you want to see me do, you just let me know. There’s nothing too crazy.”

Well then, you heard the man, get to it! You can leave your requests in the comments below, tweet them to @vh1, or leave them on the official VH1 Facebook page. We can’t promise Cee Lo will get to ALL of your requests, but he’ll definitely make a few of your dreams come true.

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Cee Lo Confirms Grammy Performance With Gwyneth Paltrow And … The Muppets?!?

We had heard some rumors that Cee Lo would be performing his hit smash “Forget You” at the Grammy Awards this weekend with his new bestie Gwyneth Paltrow, so when he popped by our offices the other day, we asked him whether or not the rumors were true. “I wanted it to be a surprise,” The Lady Killer himself told us, “but it’s not anymore. The cat’s been let out of the bag.” He went on to tell us that he’ll not only be performing alongside the Oscar winner, but that the Muppets will also be joining in on the action!

For more scoops and insight into the world of Cee Lo Green, be sure to follow him all month long on VH1’s Posted!


Nicki Minaj, Adam Lambert & More Keep You Posted On The Holidays

We’re doing something a little different with this month’s VH1 Posted, which usually follows one artist’s every move through tour diaries, personal photos and video messages answering fan questions. For December, it’s all about the holidays. And it’s not just one artist this month. Nicki Minaj, Adam Lambert, 30 Seconds to Mars, Keri Hilson and more will keep you posted about their holiday season. Watch Mumford & Sons talk about New Year’s resolutions above and check VH1’s Posted site to get in the holiday spirit.

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VH1 Posted: Keri Hilson Answers YOUR Questions

Hey there! Remember when we told you that if you asked VH1’s Posted artist for the month of November, Keri Hilson (aka @MissKeriBaby), a question, we’d pass it to her and she’s answer it? Well, she did, and the results are above! Remember, if you want to keep daily tabs on one of the stars of the 2010 VH1 Divas Salute The Troops show, it’s as easy as typing into your web browser. She’ll be here all month, don’t miss any of the action!

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Follow Keri Hilson All Month Long With VH1’s Posted

After spending the month of October riding shotgun with the boys in 30 Seconds To Mars, it’s time to bid the emo rockers adieu and say hello to our VH1 Posted artist for the month of November, Keri Hilson (aka @MissKeriBaby on Twitter).

Keri Hilson has been building her rep in the music industry for the better part of the last ten years, but it’s only been in the last few where she’s really blown up into a household name. Her collaborations with Timbaland in 2007 (“The Way I Are”) and Kanye West in 2008 (“Knock You Down”) were some of the biggest chart smashes of each of those respective years, and her starring appearance in Usher’s “Love In The Club” video has been streamed more than 41 million (!) times. As amazing as these past successes have been for Hilson, her biggest moments have yet to come.

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VH1 Posted: 30 Seconds To Mars Drummer Is Glad To Be Back In The U.S.A.

We just received an email from 30 Seconds To Mars drummer Shannon Leto, so we wanted to make sure to get it in your hot little hands as quickly as possible. Don?t forget, we?re constantly grabbing updates from Shannon and the rest of the guys all month long and putting them up over on our VH1 Posted site. Enjoy!

Hello all, just landed in NYC from London, slept the whole way! We were over there to do Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show, and it was amazing, one of those times where you’re challenged with all sorts of things the whole day and then it all works out at the end. It’s kind of how it is when you try to do the best you can possibly do. Anyway, I’m here in NYC for a couple of days, where we will focus on the production aspect of our sold-out arena tour in the UK and Europe. Of course, we have nothing in place yet, and the tour starts in six weeks!!! Yeee haaaaw!!!

[Photo Credit: Shannon Leto]

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VH1 Posted: 30 Seconds To Mars Guitarist Is In An Empire State Of Mind


We just received this missive from 30 Seconds To Mars lead guitarist Tomo Milicevic, so we’d thought we’d pass it along to you. Don’t forget, we’re constantly grabbing updates from Tomo and the rest of the guys all month long and putting them up over on our VH1 Posted site. Enjoy!

“NYC Streets”
by Tomo Milicevic

I often wonder what it must have been like on these streets at the beginning of this amazing city. NYC has to be one of the world’s most amazing places, if not THE most amazing. It truly does inspire and will definitely enhance the dreams of anyone who spends time here. I mean, can you think of another place on earth where you can look to the left and see two business type dudes walking and talking about numbers and stocks, while coming in the other direction is a chick in a rubber cat suit on a leash, being pulled around by a guy wearing a gimp mask? And then walk right past each other as if that IS normal. Maybe it is … Who are we to say what’s normal anyway, right? I just absolutely love everything about this place and how it makes you feel inside. It makes you want to do something special, something meaningful.

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