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EXCLUSIVE: Adam Lambert On His Pretty Little Liars Appearance — “My Vampire Teeth Were My Shield, My Armor”

Adam Lambert has long been one of our favorite artists and, quite frankly, one of the main reasons that we were so psyched about attending the Live In The Vineyard festival in Napa, California this weekend. Adam sat down with our VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown host Jim Shearer for an interview that you’ll see on next week’s episode of the show (premiering on Saturday, November 10), but we wanted to get this clip up of Adam talking about his recent appearance on Pretty Little Liars up for the Glambert Nation as quickly as possible (hence, the low quality video; we sacrificed a bit of quality for speed!).

As you’ll see in the video clip above, Adam admits that he’s not entirely sure how he ended up on the set of Pretty Little Liars, but he did have a clear idea of what he wanted to do when he got there. “[The producers] told me it was a Halloween episode and they suggested kind of a costume thing,” Adam explained to us just a few short hours ago. “They said, ‘Oh, you know, we want to do like a steampunk band,’ and I said, ‘Vampire.’ They were trying to backpedal, and I said ‘No, I’m going to be a vampire.’ And they said, ‘Well, maybe you should…’ and I [said] ‘I’m going to come in the teeth, you’re not gonna get ‘em off me.’ Sometimes you just gotta put your foot down. Or your teeth down. Or something!”

You see, Adam wanted to make sure he was completely comfortable for what amounted to one of his biggest acting gigs to date. “When I got on set, I was really nervous ’cause I’ve never done a sitcom/TV drama thing before,” he bravely admitted. “Thank God I had my vampire teeth in because that was my shield, my armor.”

We’ll have more about Adam Lambert’s appearance at Live In The Vineyard here on VH1 Tuner tomorrow, and don’t forget to watch the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown on Saturday for more of Jim Shearer’s interview with Glambie!

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Adam Lambert Grows Fangs For Pretty Little Liars

All aboard! Trick-or-treating kicked off early this season, with Adam Lambert officially ushering in the season last night with a guest appearance on Pretty Little Liar’s. Starring as the glammest vampire in all the land, he’s called to Roseland to perform at the Little Liars’ Ghost Train bash. With his patted a deathly white and fangs in full show, he got flirty with Aria (Lucy Hale), and then hit the stage  two Trespassing tracks, “Cuckoo” and “Trespassing.” To be sure, tricks and trouble were aplenty on that train last night, but Lambert’s performances were all treat.

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Last Lap: Kelly Clarkson Wants To Be A Dallas Cowboy In Her New NFL Anthem

Kelly Clarkson took a break from all her touring and cover song singing to rep her team, the Dallas Cowboys, with a new anthem called “Get Up.” Silver, blue, white, away or home — you don’t have to be a Cowboys fan or even a football fan to get into this one. [Mix965Houston]

Despite his drunk rantings, we are confident that this foam clog king is definitely not the guy Taylor wrote “Never Ever Get Back Together.” [NYDN]

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Adam Lambert Looks Like A Glammed Up Vampire For Pretty Little Liars

Adam Lambert Tweets Pretty Little Liar Trailer

Adam Lambert in makeup looking like a haute vampire? Yes, please! You’re never too old to dress up for Halloween. Ladies get the chance to walk the streets in their black and white maid get-ups while guys usually fulfill some childhood fantasy by dressing up as their favorite superhero. Adam Lambert is performing on the opening episode for Pretty Little Liars season three after the summer finale, but he’s also making a guest appearance on episode 13, “This Is a Dark Ride.” Yesterday the American Idol runner-up tweeted a photo from his trailer on set that showed him in dark black eyeliner and a Victorian white blouse. Not to mention he was sporting some killer earrings. Fierce as ever!

Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peek: Check Out Adam Lambert in the Halloween Episode! (PHOTO) [Wet Paint]

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