Private Concert

by (@kat_george)

Super Sweet 16: Jay-Z And Kanye West Get Paid Just Under 6 Million To Play At Little Girl’s Party

If it was your super sweet 16 again, and you could have anything in the world, we know it would be a live performance by Jay-Z and Kanye West at your party. Although if you’re anything like us your parents would probably call in a magician, tell you it was pretty much the same thing, save themselves a lazy million or so, and call it a day. But not the parents of a little girl in Dubai — proving that money is no object in their daughter’s happiness, some unnamed Arab billionaires paid Jay and Yeez £1.9 million each ($2.9 million) to perform at her 16th birthday party, held just before Christmas. Now that we know the Watch The Throne duo do private parties, we’re going to start saving all our pennies to see if we can collectively raise enough to have them perform for us!

Jay-Z and Kanye West earn almost £4 million for playing 16 year old’s birthday bash [NME]

[Photo: Getty Images]