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50 Cent Shows Off His SMS Headphones On QVC

Get Rich or Die Trying, right? 50 Cent came up with that motto, and it’s clear to us that he abides by it to this day. Last night, the G-Unit head popped over to home shopping network QVC to hawk his SMS headphones. According to his pitch, the headphones sound “absolutely extraordinary,” and work wirelessly from up to 50 feet away. They are, he says, “an extension of his pasion for music.” And at a steep $249.95 —or 5 easy payments of $49.95!— and with the help of the nice host and a very excited woman, they are sold out.

The first thing 50 did was sell himself. Referring to himself as “his favorite rap artist” and joking that “every now and then he comes out with something that’s pretty good” while “21 Questions” plays. He is his number one product, after all.

The second thing he did was knock a pair a pair of headphones off their display stand. By our count, he does this at least twice in this seven-minute clip. But, like he says, they are durable!

50 Cent Sells SMS Headphones On QVC [RapRadar]

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