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by (@kat_george)

Lady Gaga Reads The Foreword To Her New Photo Book And Dedicates The Publication To Her “Little Monsters”

Lady Gaga reclines on a couch in a spangled dress and lavish hat, reading the foreword for her forthcoming collaborative photo book, which she worked on with the king of creep, photographer Terry Richardson. Dedicating the book to her “little monsters,” Gaga is every bit the Mother Monster we expect her to be, and the foreword is both eloquent and inspiring in the left of center way that Gaga has become renowned for. And while we’ve always been a bit wary of the controversial Richardson, hearing Gaga speaking of him so whimsically and reverently has piqued our interest in the joint project.

Gaga reads, “I’m convinced that we much push the boundaries of culture through love and acceptance. There is not moment to strange, no angle unflattering, no circumstance relying on blind artifice and never a time that I feel embarrassed or unsafe. Awakened into me is a perverse liberation, inspiring me to feel that it is OK to view yourself as hyper-human. This is how Terry views me. I am so real, he says, that I am unreal.” The book itself is said to be revealing, with the no-holds-barred visuals that Richardson and Gaga have built their names on.

Lady Gaga Reads Terry Richardson’s Photo Book Foreword [Just Jared]

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