Rebecca Black

by (@zaragolden)

Nicole Westbrook Loves “Thanksgiving” Like Rebecca Black Loves “Friday”

It’s Friday, it’s Friday, but the YouTube’s latest tween sensation du jour can’t wait to get down on…Thanksgiving? Nicole Westbrook’s video “It’s Thanksgiving,” as penned by ARK Music Factory’s own Patrice Wilson, the hitmaker behind Rebecca Black‘s “Friday,” is a sweet celebration of turkey and mashed potatoes and friendship, and it is currently burning up the ‘Net.

Can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful?


“Friday” Comes Early for Curtis Granderson, Yankees

It’s Opening Day, and everybody, especially New York Yankees centerfielder Curtis Granderson, is looking forward to the weekend season. Just listen to his at-bat music the first time he takes the plate:

If you have a good ear, or saw the sketch he shot with sports-comedy troupe 12 Angry Mascots, you’ll know that it’s Rebecca Black’s ultra-viral “Friday”:

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