Release Dates

by (@emilyexton)

Justin Timberlake’s New Album Has A Release Date! And It’s Soon!

Justin Timberlake Announces Album Release Date

First a lyric video that shows an almost equal amount of words to suave shots of a certain someone getting their sexy back (again), and now a release date that’s less than two months away?! JT, you’re spoiling us. Justin Timberlake‘s third album, The 20/20 Experience, will be released on March 19, something those with killer eyesight and concentration most likely caught during their first viewing of  the new “Suit & Tie” clip. The date flashes onscreen at the tail end of the video, coming and going very, very quickly (around 5:20). But since it’s part of an official product created by the man himself, we have no choice to believe him. And be outrageously, perhaps irrationally, excited about it.

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