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Ranking Rihanna’s 20 Sexiest Music Videos


Believe it or not, Rihanna has been slaying us with hit after hit for 10 years! And each song — from her debut 2005 banger “Pon de Replay” to 2013’s “Pour It Up” — has come with its own (often sexy) music video. So in honor of her 27th birthday, we’ve undertaken the superhuman job of ranking the 20 hottest vids in her catalogue. It was a daunting task, but we have a list that will make The Navy proud. Read on, and then resume praying for the swift arrival of #R8


The Best Moments of Rihanna’s 777 Tour: There Were 20!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard and seen that Rihanna’s 777 Tour this past week was full of mayhem, lip synching and naked Australians. We wish we could say that Rih’s last show in New York City on Tuesday was “The best! Amazing! Even Jay-Z came out!” but we can’t, okay? So instead of being Negative Nancy — it is the holidays, after all – we thought we would take a look back at the highlights from those seven shows we saw in seven days in seven different countries.

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Rihanna 777 Tour Day 6: Finally, A Surprise Visit From First Class

“I would do this again, but I’d want my seat to be right here so I can see the naked Australian guy,” said Rihanna, pointing to 33E as the plane made it’s final descent into New York City.

This was Rihanna’s second and last appearance on the Boeing 777. Dozens of cameras recorded the moment as RiRi graced us with her presence in the last 5 minutes to apologize for her week-long absence. Unfortunately, our excitement and curiosity for the Bajan star had slowly but surely diminished. It was too late. All we could genuinely cheer about was when the wheels of the plane touched the ground. Home, at last!

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Fashion Week Frenzy: Even Rihanna’s a Critic

rihanna.jpgEveryone’s getting into the style game at Fashion Week. No longer content with just sitting front-row and having their pictures taken, select celebrities have started weighing in on their experiences at the show. Witness Rihanna, our favorite umbrella-slinging pop-tart, whose song-of-the-summer and severe new haircut have endeared her to millions across the globe. Rihanna’s currently guest-blogging for Elle.com. So far, it seems, she really enjoyed the Proenza Schouler show:

“Last night, Joe Zee and Robbie Myers [Elle‘s creative director and editor-in-chief respectively] brought me to the Proenza Schouler show and it was love at first sight. Joe made a quick introduction between Brooke Shields and me (they are old friends — he knows everyone!) and then we took our seats for the show. It was gorgeous — the sequins, the jewel tones — and definitely perfect for wearing on the red carpet.”

She goes on to note that she’s going to play the Gucci party tonight, which means there are going to be some very entertained suits and similarly happy fashion-types in Midtown. She’s a bundle of sunshine, that Rihanna.

In other celeb news, actress Joy Bryant is reportedly writing about the shows for C magazine. Man, the writers’ strike better end soon, or fashion journalists are going to be hard up for work. Seriously.