Ryan Tedder

by (@emilyexton)

OneRepublic’s “If I Lose Myself” Video Premiere: Watch It Here!

The eternal question of “what are we going to do tonight?” plagues those of us suffering from party fatigue, financial strain or just plain boredom. Depending on personal preferences, options for how to fill those precious hours away from work or school can range from marathoning season one of The West Wing to catching your favorite band in a super secret location. Option two sounds like it has the most opportunities for a #humblebrag (not that being able to recite C.J. Cregg dialogue isn’t impressive) but how do we get in? OneRepublic gives a master class in how to find your way into the most exclusive of events in their new video for “If I Lose Myself.” In the clip, Ryan Tedder and Co. teach us that the best way to spread the word about a can’t-miss party or live show is via the mysterious mass texting of forest animals. Yes, animals. Aspiring artists take note.

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