Scope Miami 2012

by (@zaragolden)

Jim Shearer Scopes VH1 And SCOPE Art Show’s Artists On The Rise

Anybody who is anybody in the art world, and also Rick Ross and Diddy, shipped down to Florida last week to celebrate the latest and greatest in visual arts at Miami’s Art Week. This year, VH1 teamed up with Fiat and SCOPE Art Show to present the work of our three up-and-coming Artists on the Rise and for a raging party that included a Fiat Instagram sharing station and DJ remix bar and a performance from December’s You Oughta Know band, Metric. Because we couldn’t all be there, we send our own Jim Shearer down to scout the scene and report back.

What did he find? One half of DJ duo The Dolls’ Mia Moretti suggesting that emerging artists are important and interesting because “no one’s really judged them yet, the world hasn’t made their decision,”  SCOPE Artist On The Rise artist Patrick Martinez explaining that he approached the show as an opportunity “step-up and shine,” and “Not Over You” star Gavin DeGraw putting aside his guitar to make his debut as a visual artist. “This is ‘The Love Beast of Gavin Degraw,'” he said, titling his sketch before explaining that, “This is how I feel on the inside.” It doesn’t get much more emerging than that.

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by (@zaragolden)

You Oughta Know Artists Metric Promise SCOPE Will Be “Great,” We Believe Them

Up, up and away! Tomorrow we ship off to Miami for the SCOPE International Contemporary Art Show where we will celebrate a crop of fledgling visual artists who we think You Oughta Know (learn more about them here), and we are very excited to be bringing Metric, our You Oughta Know musical artist for December, with us to play the opening party!

When we caught up with the group last month, Metric lead singer Emily Haines assured us that “it will be great,” offering that “they have had too much fun there in the past” as evidence of the good art, music and beach town fun sure to come. “Different film and art inspiration come to us when we’re making music and sort of keep us going throughout the process,” she explains, citing an Italian radical architecture school as a particular inspiration and stop she’ll certainly be making when she’s down there. The boys in the band voiced excitement for late night beach trips, and we’ll offer that we are very excited to hear them perform some of the new stuff of Synthetica, like “Youth Without Youth,” as well as an oldie/goodie, like “Gimme Sympathy,” or two!

Keep up with our coverage at @VH1Music; and more information on SCOPE events, head over here.

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VH1’s You Oughta Know Franchise Extends Into The Art World At SCOPE Miami

VH1 has partnered with our friends at FIAT to present a twist on our You Oughta Know franchise. Usually, we use the You Oughta Know program to introduce you to musical artists on the rise, but since we’re excited to be attending the SCOPE International Contemporary Art Show in Miami next month, we’d like to introduce you to a few visual artists who we think You Oughta Know, too.

Meet Patrick Martinez, an artist whose work in the neon medium has earned him a highly coveted slot at this year’s SCOPE Art Show. As he explained to us, his work is heavily inspired by music. “I’ve been listening to rap music since I was a teenager, so [the musical influence] has always kind of been there. I started using it in my work a few years ago. If the lyric or phrase kind of resonates with me, it speaks to people and the current events that are going on, I find the opportunity to link the two.”

SCOPE Miami 2012 runs from December 4-9. For more SCOPE updates, you can head over to, and also check out our You Oughta Know SCOPE playlist (featuring Hugh Hayden and Brent Birnbaum). Read our complete press release below.

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