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Tennis Player Serena Williams Is Ready For The Rap Game With New Track

Serena Williams Drops New Rap Song

When she’s not on the tennis court serving her opponents Serena Williams is in the studio pouring her aggression into rap songs. On the court she’s no nonsense so we can totally see her releasing her inner #THUGLIFE on wax. TMZ posted her new untitled song, and it’s actually not horrible. A few lines are cliched like her opening, “I ball hall hard, no tennis racket,” but she has flow. Then there’s the unexpected slick line that makes you giggle, “Schooling these rappers, they should pay tuition.” We see you Serena!

Hands down the funniest lyric is when she slightly channels her inner Nicki Minaj and raps, “I ain’t never been a loser. And I’m always on top. Roofer.” Oh, Serena. You’ve been listening to Nicki’s “Hang it up. Flatscreen” punchline, haven’t you? This isn’t the first time the tennis champ has laid down a couple of bars. Last year TMZ reported she had recorded a couple of tracks with B Major Music Group, which is owned by Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Bryant McKinnie. With the right production and practice Serena may take the rap came by storm. When she adopts her new rap name (hmmm, maybe S-Dub) it’s officially rap city, rap rap city.

Serena Williams I’m Officially a RAPPER Check My New Song! []

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