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by (@kat_george)

Lana Del Rey Takes Off Her Blue Jeans, Poses In A Swimsuit For V Magazine

Lana Del Rey, the most-hyped artist of 2011, takes off her “Blue Jeans” in a new spread for V Magazine. After taking her top off in the “Born To Die” video, she dons a swimsuit for some melancholic black and white photography for this photoshoot, while male fans everywhere give her a standing ovation.

We’re not going to deny that Lana looks hot, coyly looking away from the camera, her full lips pouting in that painfully seductive fashion that seems to come to naturally to her, and her exaggerated eyelashes fanning her high cheek bones. It’s a huge eye candy tick for Lana, whose aesthetic persona relies heavily on this kind of subtle, unassuming, yet also quite powerful sex appeal. But something is a little bit off to us since we saw her perform live in New York this week — and that’s that maybe none of this is as natural or organic as the Lana Del Rey machine would have us believe it is. Indeed, we (along with many other critics, fans and inquisitive spectators) witnessed the girl being extremely uncomfortable in her own skin, and it’s left us wondering if this intrinsic, commanding sexuality isn’t just completely manufactured, like the rest of her image seems to be. Is Lana Del Rey a natural, or is it all just an incredibly self-consciously pieced together persona that is imposed upon her in order to fulfill a crowd-pleasing visual companion to her music? And with all the talk about the Lana Del Rey persona, are simply/in danger of forgetting the music all together?

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[Photos: V Magazine]