Sleep Alone

by (@zaragolden)

Two Door Cinema Club Can’t “Sleep Alone” Anymore

You Oughta Know alums Two Door Cinema Club had the internet stopped and tweeting last month when the they debuted “Sleep Alone,” the epic first single off of their upcoming album Beacon. And today, they unveiled the accompanying video. Last year they won us over with an eye catching, primary color soaked and choreography packed video for “What You Know.” This, though, is a darker and more CGI-ed affair wherein Alex Trimble invites us into his haunting and drug-addled dreams that inspired the song. Not exactly a PSA, this isn’t exactly our idea of a good night’s sleep either. Read more…

by (@zaragolden)

Two Door Cinema Club Have The Twitterverse Buzzing With Their New Single, “Sleep Alone”

Two Door Cinema Club have the internet buzzing this afternoon. The Irish trio debuted “Sleep Alone,” the first single from their forthcoming sophomore album Beacon, and now both “Sleep Alone” and “Two Door Cinema Club” are trending on Twitter as evidence of a world as excited about these You Oughta Know alums as we are! Back again are the jangly guitars and danceable beats that remind us almost of New Wave, if only Ian Curtis could have had access to a MacBook, and we are so glad. Have a listen below, or download it for free off of their website.

VH1 News caught up with the guys last month in L.A., where they were still hard at work on their new album — and on a new diet. “We spend the first hour or so just drinking coffee and watching YouTube or something, and then we’ll just take it as it comes and work until 11 in the evening and then go home and do it all over again,” they said of their process. And in the off hours that they weren’t in the studio? They were out enjoying Southern California’s hills, sunshine and preferred roughage. “The most L.A. thing we’ve been doing is just eating really healthily,” guitarist Sam Halliday admitted. “I’d never heard of kale before.”

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