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SNACK ATTACK! Musicians With Names Inspired By Food

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You know that feeling when your belly is growling, you’re acting a crazy shade of cranky and you’d kill for a dang bar of chocolate? Yeah, that’s called hunger. Wait a minute… what did you think I was talking about?

Thanksgiving is just TWO days away, and the VH1 team has one thing on the mind: FOOD. Okay, and music too. Whether your favorite T-Day treat is sweet potato mash (and y’all know it’s gotta have that marshmallow topping deliciousness) or a perfectly basted leg o’ turkey, we know you love this foodie day as much as we do. Thus, in honor of this feast-ivity, we’ve created a list of our favorite bands and solo artists who have names inspired by food and the delightful process of munching and noshing. Eminem made the list of course, a closeted M&M’s candy junkie, or so we  imagine thanks to his infamous name. Then there’s Iron & Wine, Chickenfoot and so many more. But I won’t give them away, I’ll let you sort through our menu. Heh, I mean… gallery. So grab a napkin and some utensils and check out 30 Musicians Who’ve Named Themselves After Food! It’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

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SXSW 2012: Best Coast Singer Bethany Cosentino Clues Us In About Her Only Place

Some bands make music that simply sounds better while you’re listening to it outside, with a breeze in the air and a beer in your hand. California natives Best Coast definitely fall into this category, with their fuzzy, stoner-friendly riffs and the mellow, sweetly expressive voice of lead singer Bethany Cosentino. The band broke through with their 2010 Crazy For You LP, which scored an 8.4 and a coveted “Best New Music” notation from the tastemaker site Pitchfork, and just played a handful of gigs at the 2012 SXSW Music Festival in support of their new LP, The Only Place (the release date of which is still TBD).

“The record was written in a place of being homesick,” the 25 year-old Cosentino explained to us over the weekend. “‘The Only Place’ is supposed to mean my bedroom, my home, Los Angeles, California. It’s the place where I feel the most comfortable and confident. I wanted to make a record that reflected that this place is my safe place, and all these songs that are written about more darker, kind of lonely feelings, those all go away as I get back to this only place.”

Well, it’s pretty clear that while Cosentino feels most comfortable in California, she’s been widely accepted the world over. Her 2011 video for “Our Deal”, which was directed by Drew Barrymore and stars Chloe Moretz, picked up a 2012 Woodie Award for Best Video while down in Austin, an award she accepted from the luminous DJ Pauly D. If you’re not yet familiar with the group (or even if you are!), we’ve got some video of Best Coast performing “Our Deal” live from last week’s SPIN party at Stubb’s for you below.

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