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Love & Hip Hop‘s Olivia Is #10 On iTunes

Last night?s season finale of Love & Hip Hop was true to it?s name—a lot of love drama for Chrissy and Emily, while Olivia provided the hip hop. And even though this season of Chrissy and Emily’s love lives ended on a cliffhanger, the same can’t be said of Olivia’s music career—the woman is blowing up.

Olivia tweeted earlier about her single “December,” writing “Guess who’s #10 on Itunes :) Let’s keep is going.I’m shooting for #1.” (Ed. Note: Olivia’s #10 placement is on the R&B/Soul Chart, not on the overall, genre-spanning iTunes Top 10 Singles Chart). Will she be able to overtake Katy Perry and Bruno Mars? And more importantly, do you think she’s loving the fact that she’s climbing the charts and Somaya Reece is not? For what it’s worth, Olivia is also winning the battle on YouTube, where “December” has been streamed 1,075,000 times versus (a still pretty impressive) 358,000 streams for Somaya’s “Would You Still Love Me.”

You can follow Olivia (@1andonlyOlivia) on Twitter for more updates, and definitely check out “December” on iTunes.

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Love & Hip Hop Stars Somaya And Olivia Both Drop Their Singles; Whose Do You Prefer?


On tonight’s episode of Love & Hip Hop, we get to spend some extended time with the ladies as they prepare to take their next step in the music industry. First up, we’ve got Olivia, who has already tasted success in the biz. Not only was she the first artist ever signed to Clive Davis’s J Records, but she was the featured vocalist on 50 Cent’s number one smash from 2005, “Candy Shop.” Despite this success, she still feels like her fans have yet to hear the true Olivia on wax, so she heads to the studio to record a lovelorn ballad entitled “December.”

Then there’s Somaya.

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