Somebody That I Used To Know

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Gotye Makes The Gotye Mashup To End All Gotye Mashups

You might think that “Somebody That I Used To Know” is just a song that Gotye used to know. That at this point it has been surrounded on all sides by cover after parody after mash-up after cover, that it is but a thing of the internet, that it has taken on a life all its own. But Gotye has been watching all the while, and today he presents this most comprehensive super-cut of the internet’s worth of “Somebodies” into one great mobius strip of “Used To Knows.”

On his website, he writes of the project: “Reluctant as I am to add to the mountain of interpretations of  Somebody That I Used To Know seeming taking over their own area of the internet, I couldn’t resist the massive remixability that such a large, varied yet connected bundle of source material offered.” And, like the good internet citizen that he is, he links to each of the videos he used. So maybe he missed a few! But who’s to blame him for wanting to reclaim what was his, and for doing it so thoughtfully, too. Read more…


Through Gotye’s Animated “Save Me” We See The Beauty Of A Better Half

After Gotye‘s cultural phenomenon video to “Somebody That I Used To Know,” the Aussie musician debuted the animated follow-up to his latest single “Save Me” directed by Peter Lowey. In a snow storm various body parts are pulled by a magnetic force to create the face and body of an incomplete man. By man we mean non-human animated male. Now that he’s assembled he travels through the snow–searching. In his pursuit he takes hold of the hand of a mystery person with a visible pumping red heart. While our Song of the Summer contender sings, “When I could not love myself/And you made me turn/From the way I saw myself,” the red hearted woman makes Mr. Incomplete whole. His better half  saved him. His search is a success. And even in the blizzard the sun shine brights on love. Read more…

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You Oughta Know Artist Gotye Takes Number One Spot On Billboard’s Alternative Song Chart

Our featured You Oughta Know artist, Gotye, is really turning heads with his hit single “Somebody That I Used To Know.” The Australian artist, whose collaboration with Kimbra has only just become ubiquitous the world over, isn’t just looking at critical success anymore as “Somebody That I Used To Know” climbs the charts. We love to say we told you so!

This week the track takes number one spot on Billboard’s Alternative Songs chart, and Gotye told Billboard he struggled when writing the song; “When I got to the end of (writing) the first chorus, I hit a real brick wall. I didn’t seem to have any way to take the song further… After struggling with what to do with it, it kind of struck me that I needed a different perspective. It should be the other side of the relationship. I wrote that part and then went about looking for the female vocalist I thought could really give it something edgy.” Gotye’s chart success is just another reason You Oughta Know the budding artist who kicks off his US tour in March, including a date with Coachella’s iconic festival.

Alternative Songs Leader Gotye: ‘Somebody’ You Should ‘Know’ [Billboard]

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6 Reasons You Must Know Gotye Right This Instant

Wally De Backer, better known by his stage name, Gotye, is already set up to be one of 2012’s biggest names. His 2011 album Making Mirrors found critical success in his home country of Australia, and the artist is preparing to spread his wings to hit America like Adele. With his intoxicatingly soothing voice, sudden hooks and high notes that shove you out of the comfortable reverie his verses induce, Goyte’s music is both thrilling and challenging, speaking to shared experiences with its honest lyricism.

1. “Somebody That I Used To Know”
“Somebody That I Used To Know” was a runway hit in Australia and its ripples have reached American shores with noticeable force. Dueting with another Australian up-and-coming superstar, Kimbra, Gotye taps into the messiness a breaking up — and the unexpectedly painful mundanities, like the simple act of returning each others belongings, that go with it. The sentiment of the song and Gotye’s cutting hook, coupled with the beautiful video and trickling graphics that match the melody, will have you stuck to your screen hitting repeat.

2. Creative Covers Of “Somebody That I Used To Know”
Walk Off The Earth covered “Somebody That I Used To Know” using five people and one guitar and if possible, it’s just as compelling as the original. We love that Gotye’s music inspires such creative responses from such talented musicians, as opposed to the stock standard same-same style cover. The Roots affiliated STS also got creative with the song, using the melody and chorus to tell his own story (which at times is very humorous) of a break up (after the jump).

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