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You’re Playing Yourself: 10 Stars Whose Rap Attempts Fell Flat

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As hip hop became a global phenomenon, celebrities who made their names in other fields were drawn to capitalize on the culture. And although there have been both one-off and serious efforts at rapping, we’ve taken a look at some of the ones that we almost couldn’t believe were true.

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The Hollywood Bling Finger Watch

Every day, some star pops up lugging around a ten carat diamond ring
on their left hand, and then spends the rest of the week having their
people deny that the ring is anything besides "just jewelry." But why
not just take the (pre-nupped) plunge and get engaged, you sweet, screwy
Tinseltown couples? We all know what’s comin’ your way eventually!

Below we break down the latest couples to make a blip on the ring radar this week and rate their chances of real engagement bling action.

Jay-Z & Beyonce
The rumor’s out the the most powerful
man in hip hop (and possibly the entire music world) popped the
question to his queen B on a "romantic getaway in Cannes." Sources say
that Hova has promised her "the biggest diamond she can fit on her
Blingability: 2 carats. This rumor’s been going around for
years. And besides, he’s JAY-Z, he would’ve shown up with a rock the
size of Pluto and done it right.

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