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Do You Love Drake Enough To Have His Name Tattooed Across Your Forehead? (If You Do, This Woman Beat You To It)

Can anyone say “fan girl”? Showing her commitment to Drizzy, this young woman went all out and got “DRAKE” tattooed across her forehead. Drake. Tattooed. Across her forehead. For realsies.

We could forgive a “Drake” tattoo, but emblazoned across her forehead in tall letters that start at her eyebrows and end at her hairline? We’re frightened, but still intrigued. Vice spoke to Kevin Campbell, the LA based tattoo artist responsible for applying the horrifying homage, and he says of his decision to accept her patronage, “Sure, I could have turned her away, and I’m already getting a ton of flack from other tattooers for this, but the way I see it, if she’s got her little heart set on getting her forehead tattooed then she’ll just keep on trying until somebody finally goes through with it.” Righto. The move is pretty bad ass for a fan of someone who has been deemed the “softest” player in the hip hop genre; maybe a little bit too bad ass? Would you get a tattoo of your musical icon smacked, bang! in the middle of your forehead? A cursive “BublĂ©,” or “Nickelback” in a bold font? What we’re wondering is if the unnamed woman has any regrets; if she’s even vaguely employable as anything but a Drake roadie; what Drake thinks about the whole thing and will he indeed be employing her?

The Story Behind The World’s Dumbest Tattoo [Vice]

[Photo: Vice]