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Common Freestyles At Sundance, Addresses Drake Beef

Sundance is now considering changing its name to Rapdance after Common‘s amazing freestyle rap for VH1. Just kidding, they’re not, but we think they definitely should. Common pulled an impressive freestyle rap out of his sleeve at Sundance and we’re just waiting for him to remix it into a real song, especially since we got a shout out in there, “The one, the rap shining sun / I do this for who? For who, VH1!” Common doesn’t skip a beat, proving his expertise at the rap game with his easy freestyle flow.

And the buck doesn’t stop there, with Common also taking a moment to address his highly publicized beef with Drake. Having dissed Drake in song, rapping the unequivocal “Soft n***a. Make no mistake, I’m talking to Drake,” in “Stay Schemin,” Common tells MTV news that he’s said all he needs to say, “I kind of addressed it so much on record, I feel like I don’t really have any more to say about it it. I just think it’s part of a hip hop battle, that’s all really.” You can see the rest of what he had to say after the jump, but we’re glad to hear the score is settled, at least on Common’s side.

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Jason Mraz Gets Deep On The Topic Of Love At Sundance

Jason Mraz gave some insights on love at Sundance, and revealed the inspiration behind his hit song “I Won’t Give Up.” Speaking candidly about his songwriting, Mraz said, “as a writer I always write about things going on in my life, and what I know, what I’ve been through. And I feel like if there’s ever been a profound shift in my life, or something that’s occurred to me that’s woken me up or got me to the next level, that’s when it’s best to write a song and gives me purpose in writing music as well.” He goes on to talk about lost love and the continuation of love even after a relationship breaks down, and it sounds like he’s really speaking from honest experience (Mraz also gave a heartfelt performance at Sundance, which you can watch after the jump).

And it seems like the heartache isn’t turning out so bad for Mraz after all — aside from seeming to stay very positive about his breakup, “I Won’t Give Up” is proving to connect with audiences, perhaps showing that there’s still a desire for emotion and sincerity in pop music. Debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 8, “I Won’t Give Up” (now sitting tight at number 22), selling 229,000 downloads and debuting at number one on the Digital Songs Chart (Mraz first ever digital number one). See him perform below!

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Sundance Stories: Jack Black, Swagboy

An oddly blonde Jack Black informed VH1 News that the celebrity swag at Sundance wasn’t exactly free — it comes at a price. The price? Taking a picture with the stuff, which means being prepped to be the next face of a random cosmetics brand in their Asian marketing campaign. (Just kidding. Sort of.) We caught all of the action at Sundance, the annual Park City, Utah, meet-and-greet, where celebrities came to check out new films, promote their own, and, in general, raise the level of conversation. Whether or not that actually worked in practice is something else entirely. When asked, for instance, about his horrendous new glasses, Bono claimed that they’re 3-D. That goes along with U2‘s new film, U2 3D, but it doesn’t change the fact that the world’s most socially conscious star of the stage needs a new stylist. For more on the festival, click here.