Super Bowl XLVII

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Is Beyonce The Heir Apparent To Michael Jackson’s Legacy? (Her Super Bowl Performance Suggests Yes)

Is Beyonce The Next Michael Jackson?

Beyoncé delivered an incredible performance during halftime of Super Bowl XLVII on Sunday night, one filled with the skill, swagger, and precision we’ve come to expect from music’s best and biggest live act right now (yes, we went there). Her show prompted conversation after the fact without help from a wardrobe malfunction or flipping of the bird, and further positions her as an arguable “heir” to Michael Jackson. Who else has sucked up all the power from a 73,000-seat arena?

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Beyonce Can Be ‘King Bey,’ But Madonna Is Still Queen Of Ratings And Viewership For Super Bowl Halftime Shows

What? You didn’t think Beyonce was going to come back quietly did you? It’s beyond Beyonce overload as we predicted in December, and Bey has returned snatching wigs. Her Super Bowl XLVII performance slayed and has helped solidify her place among the greats such as Prince, Diana Ross and Madonna. And the general consensus may have ranked Bey’s mini-concert (because that’s what she gave) above Madonna’s halftime performance last year, the numbers don’t agree. Read more…

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Justin Timberlake’s New Songs: Heavy On LoveSounds, Light On FutureSex

Justin Timberlake Performs in New Orleans

While Beyoncé captivated our attention and manipulated all our senses there was other music to be heard in New Orleans over the weekend. Justin Timberlake was the entertainment of choice at bajillionaire Mark Cuban’s DirecTV party on Saturday night, jumping ahead of his Grammy performance by seven days because no one in this world likes to stick to previously announced dates. JT took the stage as a featured solo performer for the first time in years–excluding pop-up performances at his BBQ joint–debuting “Suit & Tie” live (with Jay-Z!) and revealing two more new songs from his upcoming album, The 20/20 Experience. Yes, the flawless, throwback wardrobe helps, but at this point it seems hard for Justin Timberlake to convey any other than an effortless cool (MySpace projects included).

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Top 9 Beyonce Bowl GIFs And Other Wacky Super Bowl Moments

As a collective we’ve all come to the conclusion last night’s Super Bowl XLVII was in fact the Beyoncé Bowl (#BeyBowl), right? Good. Bey slayed the stage by live singing of course with something for the stans, the haters and everyone in between. Watching Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams literally pop in the air onto the stage in real time nearly gave Destiny’s Child fans a heart attack. Thank the Internet gods for gifs. Here’s nine of our favorite gif moments from Bey’s performance. Enjoy watching them over and over. And over. Read more…

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Beyoncé, Or “Mrs. Carter,” Wisely Uses Her Super Bowl Spotlight To Make A Big Announcement

Beyoncé‘s halftime performance, which either further enraged existing haters or recommitted stans to a lifetime of worshiping her every move, was just the beginning of Sunday night’s bevy of Bey-formation. In addition to allowing Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams a few (micromanaged and most definitely timed) moments in the spotlight in the form of a faux DC3 reunion and potentially flashing signs of the Illuminati, Beyoncé made way for a Queen of Versailles-inspired royal announcement that should tickle those who enjoy group therapy sessions to the tune of “Halo.” Call it stealing some of the thunder from the Harbaugh brothers’ sibling rivalry or Ray Lewis in his final game, but Queen B was merely giving her audience what they wanted. Because whether or not she was responsible for the Superdome’s 34-minute loss of power, she had enough of a hold over the crowd to reveal a little bit about her 2013 travel plans. And they’re big.

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Whether You’re A Stan Or A Hater, Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Had Something For Everyone

Beyonce Performs At Halftime Of Super Bowl

Beyoncé is the most polarizing contemporary artist in the game. The stans who make up the core of the BeyHive are the some most vocally supportive fans of any artist, but for every person who has pledged their undying fealty to King Bey, Beyoncé haters are just as fervent in their dislike for Miss Knowles. Regardless of which side you rep, tonight’s Super Bowl halftime show had something for everyone.

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THE STANS: The last time we saw Bey perform something other than the National Anthem was in May of 2012, when she performed a five night stand at Atlantic City’s Revel casino. That said, this is her first nationally televised performance since she gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter just over a year ago and, if tonight was any indication, she hasn’t lost a single step. Coming out to an abridged version of “Love On Top” while silhoutted against a backdrop of a 40 foot tall flaming Bey, she quickly broke into “Crazy In Love,” putting her vaunted, high energy dance moves on showcase. Her hair looked FLAWLESS, and her body looked positively SICK. She was also gracious enough to share the spotlight with her Destiny’s Child brethren Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, which included a three-song medley of “Bootylicious,” “Independent Women Pt. 1″ and “Single Ladies,” once again proving that despite her superstar status, she remains one of the most gracious and selfless performers in the game.

THE HATERS: Ugh, BEYONCÉ! America’s least favorite robot had the AUDACITY to start off her Super Bowl set by lip-synching “Love On Top,” despite her claims that she would “absolutely” be singing live tonight. TYPICAL! She relied WAY too heavily on backing tracks and piped in vocals (Jay-Z’s verse on “Crazy In Love,” Sean Paul’s on “Baby Boy”), and refused to cede the spotlight AT ALL when Kelly and Michelle came out to share the stage with her. You’re meaning to tell us that of ALL the songs in the Destiny’s Child canon that they could have performed, she forced them to do one of her solo songs (“Single Ladies”)!!! And what, praytell, was WITH that finale? She spent the last three minutes of her set on her knees, not even dancing, pretending to sing “Halo.” Bring back the Black Eyed Peas, yeesh!

SETLIST: “Love On Top” / “Crazy In Love” / “End Of Time” / “Baby Boy” / “Bootylicious” (with Kelly Rowland & Michelle Williams) / “Independent Women #1″ (w/Kelly & Michelle) / “Single Ladies” / “Halo”

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Alicia Keys Slows Down “The Star Spangled Banner”, Goes To Great Lengths To Avoid Lip-Synching Accusations

Alicia Keys Super Bowl National Anthem

After the Beyontroversial performance of the National Anthem at President Obama’s inauguration, there has been an incredible amount of focus on whether or not performers are singing the “Star Spangled Banner” without the aid of a backing track, the likes of which have not seen since the days of Milli Vanilli. Beyoncé came under extreme fire for lip-synching the Francis Scott Key’s patriotic ode to our revolutionary brethren, and after watching Alicia Keys perform the anthem tonight just before the start of Super Bowl XLVII, she clearly wanted to avoid any such controversy.

Although only the Superdome’s sound operator knows for sure whether or not there was any audio tomfoolery going on before kickoff tonight, to our ears, Keys’ version of the “Star Spangled Banner” seemed like it was sung AND played live (on the piano, no less). Why do we feel like this performance was “real”? For one, it was one of the slowest renditions of the song that we’ve ever heard. Secondly, much like Mrs. Carter’s defiant version at her press conference on Thursday, Keys deliberately paused in certain, semi-unorthodox spots of the song to verbally riff in such a way that seemed almost pre-calculated to ward off lip-synching accusations. Her voice, which some have been saying has been a bit pitchy of late, sounded as good as we’ve heard it in some time. But that’s just our take. What do YOU think?

Watch Alicia Keys sing the “Star Spangled Banner” below!

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25 Things That May Or May Not Happen During Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

Beyonce Super Bowl Prop Bets

Yesterday’s press conference was further proof that Sunday is a Beyoncé concert with a little bit of athletic competition on the side. With all that’s been said–and repeatedly questioned–about her potential lip-synching last week, along with the halftime show’s ability to ignite minor scandals family-first viewers can’t seem to let go of (wave hello, M.I.A.!) we thought it was only to fair to compose of list of things that could happen during the big show–as well a handful of dream scenarios we desperately hope will come true, but are willing to settle for having play out in our twisted minds until the end of time.

We’re still a few days away from kickoff, so why not play along at home? Do your homework, keep track of this list during the show, and tell us if we are brilliant or simply outstanding for putting this all together come Monday morning.

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Five Songs Beyoncé Can Perform At The Super Bowl That’ll Have Us Jumping (And Screaming) For Joy

Beyonce Super Bowl Set List Poll

To satisfy those of us who don’t get our kicks from endless streams of NFL commentary and statistical projections this week, but rather leotards and big hair, Beyoncé is revealing more of his pre-game prep before Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show. In addition to a selection of fierce rehearsal photos that double as demonstrations on how to properly stretch, Bey posted a new video of her camp preparing for battle, set to 4‘s “Countdown” (yes, apparently “Countdown to Touchdown” is not just something that’s forced upon her when Pepsi execs are in the room).

Heels! Hair! High kicks! Last week we got a peak at what might just be Bey’s set list for Sunday night. It was Destiny’s Child heavy, but what about… everything else from her catalog? Reunions are great, but bring on the B solo material.

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Move Over, Ray Lewis: Beyoncé Is Putting In Some Serious Work Before The Super Bowl

Beyonce Super Bowl Rehearsal 1212

Four days and counting until Beyoncé takes over New Orleans, bringing what we hope will be a life-changing experience that leaves us all feeling a little more empowered and a lot more entertained. Oh, and I think there’s a football game going on? Something about two brothers and a tattoo enthusiast slash quarterback who has a large pet turtle? Eh, anyway, back to business.

Beyonce Super Bowl Referee

We have a sneaky suspicion that football would be a lot less violent if Bey was blowing the whistle.

Lucky for those of us who can’t get to NOLA in time, Beyoncé is documenting her rehearsals (or carefully posing in flattering light) leading up to Sunday’s big game halftime show. Inauguration schmauguration, right? The best way to deflect negative attention is by offering up a tasty, exclusive peek at an otherwise mythical and secret life; no one understands this better than Beyoncé and her team. But what will she sing? What will she wear? Who will join her for a not-so-surprising live collaboration? Will we cry?

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