Super Bowl XLVII

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Beyonce Is Performing “Crazy In Love” And “Survivor” At The Super Bowl And All Is Right With The World Again

Beyonce's Super Bowl Set List

Beyoncé‘s inauguration duties are behind her, and we’d like to call for a moratorium on chatter about whether she dared to use a backing track in the presence of Barack Obama. There bigger problems at hand and Bey has plenty of fabulous people in her corner should sticklers want to argue about something that escalated Whitney Houston to new levels of fame. And we, as fans, have much more important things on our agenda! Like, planning a Super Bowl party with scheduled bathroom trips as not to miss any important demonstrations of athletic ability–or impressive freakoutery by one Jim Harbaugh–and flawless musical talent from this year’s halftime star. Can you believe we’re just nine days away? I wouldn’t wait much longer to acquire the necessities for seven-layer dip.

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Train To Perform At “VH1’s Best Super Bowl Concert Ever” Live From New Orleans

Train Performing at VH1's Best Super Bowl Concert Ever

The Super Bowl isn’t the Super Bowl without some major parties, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that Train will be headlining “VH1’s Best Super Bowl Concert Ever, live from New Orleans before this year’s big game. And now that we know who will be suiting up (both on and off the field) it’s time to start planning: The fun kicks off on Friday, February 1 at 9 p.m. ET/PT, with a live broadcast on Former Super Bowl champ turned morning show host Michael Strahan will serve as one of the evening’s MCs, along with VH1’s very own Carrie Keagan.

With less than two weeks to go, we’ll be sure to update you with additional scheduled appearances from NFL greats and even more of your musical favorites. In the meantime, get all the details from the official press release that just hit wires:

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Did She Or Didn’t She? Weigh In On Beyoncé’s Lip-Synching Of The National Anthem

Beyonce Performs at Obama Inauguration

Oh say can you see… the American public turning on Queen B? After a generally stunning appearance at Monday’s presidential inauguration, Beyoncé has found herself in a place both Ashlee Simpson and Christina Aguilera know all too well. No, sadly “Shadow” didn’t earn any Grammy Awards so we’re obviously talking about a quote-unquote scandal over the public lip-synching of a beloved national tune. We oohed and aahed at Beyoncé’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” just hours ago, commenting on everything from her fierce runs to those gorgeous green earrings. But is there such a thing as “too good to be true”? According to the London Times, Bey opted to go with a backing track and chose to lip-synch the song rather than perform it live on the Capitol lawn. Photos posted to her official Instagram reveal what we originally thought were rehearsals with the Marine Corp Band on Sunday, but an official spokeswoman for the band tells the UK paper that Bey decided to use this studio version “shortly before her performance.” “A backing track? Really?” asks the otherwise flawless Kelly Clarkson.

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If Destiny’s Child Is Going To Reunite At The Super Bowl They Should Probably Use Our Set List

Destiny's Child To Join Beyonce at Super Bowl

Yesterday’s news of a new album from Destiny’s Child was received by rapturous excitement across the Internet, particularly for those of us who thrive on musical nostalgia and gender equality among single-sex pop acts. With a release date of January 29, the timeline for Love Songs and a DC3 comeback compliments Beyoncé‘s upcoming appointment at the Superdome on February 3. Hmmm. Wishful thinking on our part, or a thoughtful media takeover that’s been carefully planned for months? After being burned by JT, we’ll always second-guess ourselves.

According to Us Weekly Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams will be featured guests during Queen Bey’s big Super Bowl gig, obviously willing to sign themselves over to her lifelong archival project. While Beyoncé is still the main halftime performer, currently splashed across a very large billboard here in Times Square, her groupmates will reportedly join her onstage to perform a medley of hits as well as debut the group’s new song, “Nuclear.” Oh, and then Beyoncé will probably unveil a song off of her still untitled fifth album. No big deal.

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It’s 2013 And Psy Isn’t Going Anywhere: “Gangnam Style” Star Lands Super Bowl Commerical

Psy Super Bowl Commercial

The main players may not be set yet, but planning surrounding Super Bowl XLVII continues to come together. We already know that Beyoncé is performing what will likely be a historic, monumental, fabulous halftime show, the likes of which Rick Ross‘ vocabulary has never described, but which personalities–the soon-to-be star, or fringe types–will reproduce Eddie Money-type greatness in between plays? One of the first reports of commercials set to air during the big game is a 30-second commercial for Wonderful Pistachios. The project is a pair of first for both the snack company and the South Korean star, who reportedly completely filming in North Hollywood on Tuesday.

Whether or not his fleeting presence in the ad will help sell additional packages of nuts has yet to be seen.

Gangnam Style’s Psy Just Filmed A Super Bowl Ad [Business Insider]

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We Are “Crazy In Love” With Rumors Of Beyonce Performing At The Super Bowl

Beyonce to Perform at Super Bowl Sunday

It’s going to be a “Bootylicious” Super Bowl Sunday this year in New Orleans if the exciting, shout-at-the-top-of-your-lungs rumors are true. According to the AP, Beyoncé is scheduled to perform during the halftime show at Super Bowl XLVII on Feb. 3, 2013 at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Grab your onesies leotards in preparation for the epic “Single Ladies” choreography that has to happen. We can picture it now. Justin Timberlake joins Bey on stage for a drop it low session– even lower than they did on Saturday Night Live–for over 100 million viewers. Read more…