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The 9 Strangest Halftime Show Collaborations In Super Bowl History


We know you’re excited to see Katy Perry perform at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show on February 1st, but weren’t you just a tad perplexed when it was announced funk rock muscle god Lenny Kravitz would be joining her? It will definitely be an interesting collaboration because Perry and Kravitz are drastically different artists; however, this isn’t the first time the Super Bowl halftime show has merged two unlikely musicians together. (Madonna and LMFAO, anyone?)

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10 Reasons Katy Perry Absolutely Must Play The 2015 Super Bowl Half Time Show

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This is an appeal to the NFL: Katy Perry absolutely must play the Super Bowl Half Time Show in 2015. She was born to do this, y’all. And this might ruffle a few feathers, but her stage show would be more epic, more explosive, more high energy than even Beyoncé’s. It seems that the biggest hurdle to having an artist like Katy Perry at the Super Bowl is the new “pay to play” policy the NFL is employing — an artist of Katy’s calibre certainly is not going to PAY SOMEONE ELSE TO LET HER PLAY.

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Celebrate The Super Bowl With Hard Rock’s Top 10 Jock Jams!

The Super Bowl hits today with a giant wallop of testosterone, from the on-field battling to the at-home screaming to the face-painting to the cheap beer and nachos. Of course, that doesn’t stop us from piling on even more masculine energy with this list of the greatest rock and metal stadium anthems. Whether you’re rooting for Seattle or Denver to triumph in the end, or you just don’t care at all, there’s at least one song on this list that you’ve cared about at some point in your life. And while these songs have been played at stadiums of all sports ad nauseam and can now be considered quite Velveeta-cheesy, they’re still some of the most motivating, inspiring and adrenaline-rushing songs we’ve ever known. From AC/DC to Queen to The White Stripes, they’ve all hit us hard with melodies and messages of hope, belief and victory. So to celebrate Super Bowl XLVIII, here’s a list of the 10 Greatest Rock & Metal Jock Jams of all time – songs that are the musical equivalent of a kick in the pants. Hope you’re wearing your cup. Read more…

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Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl Wardrobe Malfunction: 10 Unexpected Results

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As fans get ready for the 2014 Super Bowl halftime show featuring Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers they may find themselves thinking of Janet Jackson‘s famous wardrobe malfunction that happened 10 years ago. The incident involving Justin Timberlake was considering the “nipple seen around the world.” Within hours following the the halftime show, the fallout had begun. Blame was placed on MTV (which was in charge of producing the halftime shows), Timberlake and, of course, Jackson.

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It’s 2013 And Psy Isn’t Going Anywhere: “Gangnam Style” Star Lands Super Bowl Commerical

Psy Super Bowl Commercial

The main players may not be set yet, but planning surrounding Super Bowl XLVII continues to come together. We already know that Beyoncé is performing what will likely be a historic, monumental, fabulous halftime show, the likes of which Rick Ross‘ vocabulary has never described, but which personalities–the soon-to-be star, or fringe types–will reproduce Eddie Money-type greatness in between plays? One of the first reports of commercials set to air during the big game is a 30-second commercial for Wonderful Pistachios. The project is a pair of first for both the snack company and the South Korean star, who reportedly completely filming in North Hollywood on Tuesday.

Whether or not his fleeting presence in the ad will help sell additional packages of nuts has yet to be seen.

Gangnam Style’s Psy Just Filmed A Super Bowl Ad [Business Insider]

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Could Van Halen Be The 2013 Super Bowl Performers?

Van Halen Addresses Super Bowl Performance Rumors

Performing for the Super Bowl halftime show is major, and an honor only bestowed on a select chosen few. The gossip mill was spinning with rumors that Van Halen was set to perform at next year’s Super Bowl. Despite the group’s mega success with over 56 million albums sold, people were apprehensive about the selection of a rock band doing the Super Bowl in 2013. According to Rolling Stone, lead singer David Roth addressed the rumor on the fan’s website. “That honor has not been bestowed upon us at this time though it is one we would accept in a NY minute,” Roth writes. But perhaps the loud chatter will put the group on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s radar. Read more…

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Last Lap: M.I.A. Will Have To Shell Out The Big Bucks To Cover Any FCC Fines That Might Arise From Her Bird

M.I.A. Will Have To Shell Out The Big Bucks To Cover Any FCC Fines That Might Arise From Her Bird
M.I.A.‘s contract with NBC states that she’ll have to shell out to cover any fines that might be enforced by the FCC following her Super Bowl performance. While the world waits with baited breath to see if the most famous finger in the consumerist world will be reprimanded by the FCC, we’re guessing M.I.A is waiting just as anxiously to see what happens, especially since Janet Jackson‘s nip-slip cost CBS a cool $550,000. [Spin]

Alicia Keys And Bonnie Raitt Will Honor Etta James At The Grammys
Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt will duet in honor of Etta James at the Grammys, and they’ve got a lot to live up to after Christina Aguilera‘s stirring rendition of “At Last” at the late legend’s funeral. [Idolator]

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