Drew Barrymore Directs Star-Studded Video For Best Coast’s “Our Deal”

The new video for Best Coast‘s “Our Deal” is the latest in MTV and Mean‘s “Supervideo” series. Directed by Drew Barrymore, the video stars hot young talent like Chloe Moretz, Miranda Cosgrove, Donald Glover, Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey, Arrested Development‘s Alia Shawkat and, um, Har Mar Superstar. Because of the talent involved and the strong production values, it feels less like a music video and more like a short film, which also allows us to sink our teeth into it in a manner unlike most of the videos we see each day.

The chorus of “Our Deal” says a lot with a little about miscommunication in romance: “I wish you would tell me how you really feel/ But you’ll never tell me, ’cause that’s not our deal.” Springboarding from this, Drew Barrymore has made an entertaining and visually rich mini-film, with an ending that seems merely ironic at first, but gains resonance upon reflection.

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