Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection

by (@kat_george)

Katy Perry Goes Commando Post Break Up In The “Part Of Me” Video

Admit it; this is the moment you cleared your diary for. We know we did, so in the grand tradition of a climax to suspense, may we request a drum roll, please… And here it is! Katy Perry‘s highly anticipated video for her new single off Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection, “Part Of Me.” The song itself is a pure pop girl power anthem in a way we’re fairly nostalgic about, and the video takes feminine strength to all new extremes. After exposing her philandering boyfriend, a very sweet looking Katy sees an advertisement for the marines — at which point she goes all Empire Records and cuts off all her hair. The rest of the video is a montage of Katy doing drills in the army; from obstacle courses to shooting guns to bayoneting dummies, the video has it all. And there’s no need to take it literally, as we get the impression that Katy is talking to a metaphor as scenes cut between her old self bathing and her new army self submerged in water. The video is hopefully — it tells us that heartbreak doesn’t need to ruin us. It can be the thing that makes us stronger.

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