MTV Memories: Jim Shearer Shares His Three Favorite Moments In MTV History

Each Friday here on the VH1 Blog, our VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown host Jim Shearer (@jimshearer on Twitter) will be sharing his Shearer?s Spotlight with us. Be sure to tune into the Top 20 countdown tomorrow morning when it airs on VH1 at 9 a.m. ET/PT.

Were it not for MTV I can guarantee you that I wouldn?t be holding a microphone in my hand every Saturday morning on the VH1 Top 20 Video Countdown. Prior to the Internet, and before I was able to find my way to hole-in-the-wall record stores, MTV was my primary music source?well, I should say it became my primary source of music, when my religiously firm parents eased up on their secular restrictions and let me watch regularly.

Anyway, here are my three favorite MTV moments:

1.) Watching ?So What?cha Want?? For the Very First Time
It?s a well-known fact that I might be slightly obsessed with the Beastie Boys. The fascination began when I came home from school one afternoon in 1992, turned on MTV, and saw their video for ?So What?cha Want?? That?s the day I became a full-fledged fanatic. Twelve years later?in a pinch-me-if-I?m-dreaming moment?I got to host a live special on MTV where I introduced the Beastie Boys? performance of this very song.

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Behind The Music Sneak Peek: Enrique Iglesias’s “Crazy” U.S. Success Leads to Equally “Nuts” Female-Fan Response

We got pretty excited about Adam Lambert‘s episode of Behind The Music (airing Sunday, August 7) when we unveiled the sneak peek yesterday (so excited, in fact, that we were briefly convinced that it premiered this week). But after seeing the preview of the episode that does premiere on Sunday, July 31, at 10PM ET/PT?Behind the Music: Enrique Iglesias?we’re more than willing to wait.

In this sneak peek that we shared exclusively with EW’s Music Mix, Enrique Iglesias recalls the overnight celebrity (especially among women) that accompanied the year following the release of his eponymous debut in November 1995. The record sold over nearly two million copies in the United States alone, going platinum faster even than Selena‘s Amor Prohibido. In both new and archival interviews, Iglesias discusses the magnitude and intensity of female attention that attended his newfound fame. (“Before I was a singer, I was getting dumped all the time,” he recalled in 1999.)

Others speak more frankly. Andres Restrepo, who toured with Iglesias during this period, characterized exactly how wild the mobs of female fans, hanging out of cars going upwards of fifty miles an hour, could be: “I felt like I was on a safari in Africa, getting attacked by all these lions and stuff!”

Don’t miss the premiere of Behind the Music: Enrique Iglesias Sunday, July 31, at 10PM ET/PT.

Enrique Iglesias on ‘Behind the Music': His meteoric rise to stardom — EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW VIDEO [Music Mix]

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Check Out Single Ladies Star Anthony Montgomery’s Rap Video And Hear Him Out As He Defends Darryl’s Cruelty

Get More: Single Ladies, Christina Carter, Keisha Greene, Valerie Stokes

To Single Ladies fans, Anthony Montgomery is a hated man. The actor plays the cold and calculating Darryl Jenkins, soon-to-be ex of April, a certified “nice guy” right up until he found out about April’s cheating ways. But the real Anthony Montgomery is nothing like Darryl, as I learned when we chatted the other day. Instead, he is chatty and playful and surprisingly funny. Another big surprise? The man has a rap career. Check out the video for his single, “Stimulation,” above, which will be featured on Monday’s episode of Single Ladies, and follow him on Twitter (@AMontgomery5) to stay informed about what he’s up to. (His goal is to hit one million followers, so let’s make this happen!)

For our full interview with the man everyone loves to hate, read on.

It’s so crazy to talk to you and not hear this mean, cold voice on the other end of the line!

[Laughs] Okay, look. Liz. Look. Darryl is a bit hurt. That’s all I can say. He is hurt. And instead of sitting there crying in a corner, he’s acting out.

Darryl just seems like such a stretch for you, you are nothing like him at all.

I am not! We all have aspects of him somewhere in us, but I make every realistic effort to not be that guy. It’s also because of the roles that I’ve played in my career, I’m always the nice guy, I’m always Darryl from the pilot, and every role I’ve played in Hollywood in the fifteen years I’ve been out here, I’ve always been the nice guy, the best friend, the “Why can’t every guy be like you?” guy, so for me, getting to play a role like this where I get to show a different tier to my acting abilities, it’s a thrill for me. I’ve got a throng of women across the country who love to hate me right now, it’s pretty funny. “Why are you being so mean to her?” And I’m like, she cheated with the Mayor! What are you talking about? Is everyone forgetting that?
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MTV Memories: Fab 5 Freddy Discovers Email, Promises To “Put Some Funk In Cyberspace”

Where were you when you first discovered email? We sincerely hope that the first time you learned of the existence of this newfangled thing called “electronic mail” while watching YO! MTV Raps back in 1994. While scouring the archives for our celebration of MTV’s 30th Anniversary, we stumbled upon this clip of YO! host Fab 5 Freddy waxing poetic on the virtues of modems, the information superhighway, and “computer flavor.” Not only does he explain what email is and how to use it, but he throws props to some of the hip hop world’s early adopters of this then-futuristic technology (including A Tribe Called Quest, The Native Tongue Crew, and KRS-One). And if all else fails, we have your next catchphrase for you to impress your friends with: “I’m outta here, like computers from the ’60s.”

You can catch highlights from the early days of MTV during this, the 30th anniversary of the channel’s launch, all weekend long on VH1 Classic.

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Tuned In: Anna Calvi Makes Her U.S. Television Debut On Letterman

For the most part a Mercury Prize nomination serves either as another critical feather in the cap of a commercially successful artist like Adele, or else as an acknowledgment of a particularly British artist like Katy B, whose two-steppy pop is danceable and emotive, but stands practically no chance of crossing over into the US pop world.

Occasionally, though, the nomination is an opportunity?the tipping point in a wave of good press that gets US critics?and audiences?paying attention. Take Tinie Tempah, about whom we wrote just yesterday. Or take?Anna Calvi, who made her United States television debut last night on?The Late Show with David Letterman. Backed only by a drummer and an extremely enthusiastic harmonium player and percussionist (about whom Letterman quipped,?”This woman is quite busy. Have you noticed that?”), Calvi charmed the Late Show audience with a guitar-and-vocal performance influenced by, but hardly a cookie-cutter copy of, PJ Harvey. Whether Calvi can build an American audience remains to be seen, but this first shot across the bow was remarkably effective.

Elsewhere on late night…

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Demi Lovato, Foster The People And OneRepublic Will Be Performing At The 2011 Do Something! Awards

The 2011 Do Something! Awards are scheduled to air on Thursday, August 18 at 9 p.m. ET., and since we’ve already shared the list of outstanding nominees with you, we figured it was time to let you know the exciting list of performers that host Jane Lynch will be sharing the stage with. We are psyched to announce that Demi Lovato, You Oughta Know artist Foster The People, and OneRepublic featuring B.o.B will be dazzling viewers with their musical performances that night. We’ve got more info for you below, via a press release that just hit the wires…


Hosted by Jane Lynch the Awards will Air on VH1 Thursday, August 18th

NEW YORK, NY (July XX, 2011) ? and VH1 announced today that Demi Lovato, OneRepublic with B.O.B. and Foster the People will perform as part of the star-studded 2011 Do Something Awards. Hosted by Glee star Jane Lynch, the ceremony will honor and celebrate the nation?s best young world-changers who represent the pivotal ?do-ers? in their field, cause or issue. Celebrities such as Lady GaGa, Justin Bieber, Prince William and Duchess Catherine, David Beckham, Scarlett Johansson, Russell Brand and Will Ferrell have been nominated in a variety of categories from ?Do Something Movie Star? to ?Do Something Couple? for all they have done to inspire young people. Many will be on hand to accept and present the awards at the show which will air Thursday, August 18, 2011 at 9 p.m. EST on VH1.

The show will mark the first time Demi Lovato will perform her hit single ?Skyscraper? live. Her fans played a big part in making this performance happen by enthusiastically tweeting the word ?Skyscraper? to @DoSomething multiple times over the last month. Lovato is also nominated for two awards in the Do Something Charity Song and Do Something TV Star categories.

“If you are expecting anything less than ‘wow,’ you’ve got the wrong award show. We are so psyched to have Demi’s first public performance, a hot break-out band like Foster the People, and expect OneRepublic with B.o.B to be very loud!” said Nancy Lublin, CEO and Chief Old Person of

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Behind The Music Sneak Peek: Adam Lambert Opens Up About His American Idol Experience

CORRECTION: The Adam Lambert episode of Behind The Music will air on Sunday, August 7, not Sunday, July 30 as originally stated.

The next episode of Behind The Music, premiering Sunday, August 7 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, looks into the life of American Idol star Adam Lambert. In this sneak peek, Lambert talks about his behind-the-scenes struggle with the public debate about his sexuality?and his inability to respond, thanks to the Idol contestant contract, which forbids contestants from giving one-on-one interviews before the competition is over.

This episode is sure to be a highlight of an already great season, so don’t miss it!

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This Weekend, VH1 Classic Celebrates 30 Years of MTV

Umm, is that a gray hair?! Starting this Saturday at 6 a.m., VH1 Classic will be airing ?MTV30 On VH1 Classic,? a three day tribute to MTV’s 30th anniversary of being launched into the homes of millions of people worldwide.

?VH1 Classic viewers grew up with MTV, turning the ‘I Want My MTV’ slogan into a battle cry for a generation,? said Tom Calderone, President of VH1 and VH1 Classic. ?That generation has grown up to become viewers of VH1 Classic, which is the perfect place to relive many of MTV?s iconic moments that helped shaped music and pop culture around the world.? Similarly to the clip above, this weekend-long ovation seeks to awaken viewers’ fond memories of a the iconic channel’s best programming.

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Mariah Carey Returns To HSN To Share Her Love

Mariah Carey returned to the Home Shopping Network Sunday and yesterday to share her perfume, jewelry, and most of all, love with the viewing audience. Yesterday Gawker posted a four-minute edit of the six-hour appearance, but it left a bad taste in our mouths, like the clip was a decade-old riff on Mariah’s TRL appearance. She’s so crazy!

For our money (if we had any money) the recap to watch is Rich Juzwiak‘s, above. Full disclosure: Rich is a former writer for this blog, but we guarantee that his devotion to Mariah far predates and far precedes any devotion he might have had to this blog. He’s even recapped Mariah on HSN before. Juzwiak’s recap delineates the many loves of Mariah Carey, and it’s also unbelievably entertaining. Enjoy!

Love, Mariah [fourfour]

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Behind The Music Sneak Peek: How Love Saved Mary J. Blige From A Life Of Alcohol Abuse

Behind The Music is moving to Sundays starting with this week’s premiere of the can’t-miss Mary J. Blige episode. In this sneak peek, Blige reveals how her budding romance with now-husband Kendu Isaacs inspired her to combat her worsening alcohol abuse. “The best thing you can do to me? Challenge me to challenge myself,” she says, and that’s exactly what Isaacs apparently did for her. She attributes her success to “willpower” and “prayer,” and admits, “It was hard.”

Make sure to catch the full episode on Behind The Music‘s new night, Sunday, July 24th at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

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