Tha Carter IV


Lil Wayne’s “Staring At The World” Further Proves He Has Fallen Off

I take no joy in saying Lil Wayne fell off.

Proud southerner here. For that reason I’ve listened to Lil Wayne’s music since he debuted with Hot BoysGet It How U Live in 1996. Over the years I’ve closely followed Wayne’s career and progression from 1999’s The Block Is Hot to 2004’s Tha Carter to 2011’s Tha Carter IV, and all the albums and mixtapes in between; and like slews of southern hip-hop heads, we’ve been fans since he was a 15-year-old kid.

Today I listened to “Staring At The World” from his forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being 2 barely able to stomach the auto-tuned screeching chorus or the struggle lyrics. What has happened with Weezy? Trust I’m not one of the music fans who loathes when an artist with a 20 year career evolves. Change is good; it can be great. But whatever change Weezy’s made in the last four years isn’t one that has advanced his style. His verses, songs and albums are getting progressively worse. Read more…