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by (@kat_george)

David Guetta Says Nicki Minaj Is “Almost Crazy”

Like we really needed confirmation, David Guetta has told BBC Radio 1 that Nicki Minaj (who he worked with on “Turn Me On”) is “Almost crazy.” Except that it’s not entirely what you think. While the limber faced Minaj does sometimes appear to have lost her mind, not only with her zany outfits but with controversial videos like “Stupid Stupid” and performances like her Grammys show, Guetta sees the craziness as coming from a much more commendable place. Guetta denied that Nicki is a “handful” saying, “Oh no, she’s really focused on work… Like incredibly. She’s a real perfectionist, like almost crazy… She’d make me re-do things like ten million times.” That seems like a pretty productive kind of crazy to us, and we guess it’s a testament to Nicki’s huge success! In the interview Guetta also talked about his collaborations with artists and Sia, who he’s been writing music with — it really is the reign of the DJ with Guetta being one of the most powerful and prolific figures in pop music at the moment.

David Guetta: Minaj is crazy [Music News]

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