The A-Team

by (@kat_george)

Ed Sheeran’s Video For “The A Team” Is A Moving Look At Urban Poverty

New UK sensation Ed Sheeran has a new video for his single “The A Team”. The video, in an almost melancholy black and white rendering, tells the story of a young homeless girl. From the moment she wakes up in the morning on a park bench, she seems intriguing and charismatic as our heroine, but is also a profoundly sad figure as we see her day around London. From the crowded subway stations to the street where she stares longing at carts of flowers while trying to sell copies of The Big Issue, her plight is an unhappy one. Sheeran seems to be the only one noticing her, as he not only stops to buy a big issue but sits with her to talk for a while. The girl is forced to do some desperate things for money — it’s a bleak view of poverty set to Sheeran’s gorgeous vocal.

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