The Cunningham Brothers

by (@kat_george)

Deck The Hall & Oates For A Parody-Filled Christmas Stocking

In one of the best parodies of the year, the Cunningham brothers (Chip Chantry and Tommy Pope) have donned Christmas sweaters, a Santa hat and one amazing handlebar mustache for their Hall & Oates satire album Deck The Hall & Oates. With lyrics like, “He’s a reindeer and his nose is red and the other reindeer well they don’t play / You can’t deny you’re a misfit Rudolph!” set to the tune of “Rich Girl,” the album is full of clever adaptations, cheesy retro throwback montages and plenty of giggles (yours, of course). Other favorite tracks of ours include “King Of The Jews” and “Your Kiss (Is On My Christmas List).” But really, we just can’t get our eyes off that handlebar mo — the Cunningham brothers make a delightfully realistic (while being just a tiny bit off) version of pop legends Daryl Hall & John Oates.

And if that’s not enough Hall & Oates for you this Christmas, you can get the full, immersive experience by calling the Hall & Oates hotline. Yep, you read right. So dial 719-26-OATES to complete the Hall & Oates Christmas experience — you’ll then be prompted to pick out of 4 Hall & Oates songs to listen to. Who needs Spotify?

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